Sho in Hanamaru Cafe 2012.04.05

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Hisashiburi seeing him appear in talk variety. Love talk varieties like Hanamaru Cafe, Osyareism, Shounen Club Premium where you can hear him talking for long time (≧◡≦)~♥
He appeared as guest for Hanamaru Cafe to promote “Blackboard” which starts on tonight’s 9pm.
And, as usual, guests are “obliged” to show their private shots in the show, and today Sho brought a lot of his private photos!!! Arigato-ne!!!

Yakkun (host) said Sho looks so thin, Sho said yeah, he has gone on a diet specially for this drama.
When asked how much weight he has lost, he said 3-4kg? oops.. or is it 4-5kg? He cant remember already..

Today’s breakfast, as recommended by Sho is mini tomato~
Sho said one of the staffs in Kamisama no Karute always prepare mini tomatoes for him during the filming 2 years ago, and it was the first time he realized that mini tomato can be so delicious when you eat it early in the morning. So he decided to have it as breakfast during Blackboard filming too, BUT.. actually he only ate it once.. *LOL*

The way he ate is sooooooooooo cute~~~

The host asked him what does he usually have for breakfast.
Sho said Latte, hot sandwich, yogurt and during filming days he normally eat two bananas and yogurt or soybean milk.
When asked what is his favorite, he said he cant choose, he loves to eat a lot of things, soba, omelette rice, french toast, bonito bashing (カツオたたき) etc etc…

Next it’s the private shot showing time.

The first photo by Sho. Title = “One of my off day”

He brought the photo he took in front of Moscow University when he went to Russia last year.
It was so funny when the host asked him how long he went there, he said it’s either 3nights 4days or 3 nights 5 days, basically he cant remember well.
He said his friend is there and the friend will be coming back to Japan for good soon, so he thought of going there before his friend is back. ←ohh… Shin is coming back to Japan for good? or he’s already back now? Sho must be very happy!

He went to Moscow and St. Petersburg and visited the Hermitage Museum.
His friend’s junior stays at St. Petersburg and he let them stay at his home. He said he enjoyed the trip very much.
The pictures below are not Sho’s photos. TBS prepared them. Sho said “Ooops.. i should have brought these” *LOL*

Sho is always holding a video camera during his trip.
He said he enjoyed taking videos of his friend, and when he comes back from his trip, he will edit the video into chapters, add in music and turned it into DVD and present it to his friend. He said this time, he went with another friend, and together with his friend in Russia, the three of them went sight seeing together. He said his friend in Russia was holding a camera, and he was holding a video cam, in the end they keep taking photos and videos of the 3rd friend, it seems like the friend is a super star from Japan *LOL*

Sho said whenever he has 2-3 days holiday, he will start flying. He cant stay at home whole day. He will feel headache… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) He must get out of the house….

Then they showed other Sho’s private shot taken during his trip.

First, it’s China. Photo taken at Great Wall of China around 5 years ago. His friend studied there so he visited him. He really has a lot of friends all over the world!! I MUST go there and take photo at this spot too!!! 😀

The next is photo taken in front of Taj Mahal, India. Yeah, he went there in Jan 2008.

The next is Vietnam, he was on a boat on Mekong River!! This shot was quite “shocking” *LOL*
I heard Aiba mentioned about Sho’s trip to Vietnam but it’s the first time i saw this photo ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
They were laughing or teasing him on the hat, he said he was “forced” to wear it *LOL*

The last one was taken recently, one or two weeks ago at Nagano. The recent offday he got after Blackboard.
Every year he will go ski with his friends and this time, he went it during his recent off day. He told his friend he’s going to attend Hanamaru Cafe and they asked him to take photo *LOL*

He said the place he would like to go very much now is Cuba. Yeah he has mentioned that in many shows.. too bad he need around one week to make that trip.. Hope that he can fulfill his wish soon.

The next photo, the thing he brings along with him, embroidery pouch.

Sho said, “Please don’t misunderstood that i’m girlish *LOL*”
He said Vietnam sells a lot of embroidery stuffs, he wanted to buy some which suit guys, but he couldnt find anything, and he doesn’t want to waste this chance, so he bought a lot of these embroidery pouch. Now he use it to put all his travelling staffs, like charger, camera etc. He said he has one with the design of bra and panty, he use it to put his underwear… 😳 *LOL*

Sho said he is welknown for bringing too many things during his trip. He doesnt wear the yukata provided at hotel, so he will bring along his own pajamas, and also other room wears etc. Also he keeps thinking that his friend might need this and that, so he always bring a lot of things during his trip. He said he has saved a lof of his friend’s life with his “household medicine” which he brings it with him all the while *LOL*
I’m also someone who brings a lot of things during my travel!!! Happy~~~ 😳

When asked who in Arashi with the least baggage, he said Nino and Ohno, especially Ohno, when they went to Australia 10 years ago, it’s a 5 days trip and he cant believe when Ohno went there only with a small pouch! *LOL*

The next photo, his childhood.

He has been learning a lot of things since small.
– Electric organ (From 3yrs old to Primary 4, changed to piano after that)
– Piano
– Writing
– Oil painting
– Boys scout
– Swimming
– Kendo
– Soccer
– Tuition class
He said his mum was working too, so maybe that’s the reason he was sent to these class because by the time the class finish, it’s already evening, just the time his mum is back from work. He said he’s merely “throw” there *LOL*

Talking about his parents, when asked if his parents are strict, he said he doesnt feel so now, but they were quite strict when he was small. Maybe because he’s the first child, so they pinned their hope on him much.

They played a small game after that.
Giving Sho two choices, asking him to choose A or B (I like this type of game :D)

First question, during a date (or meet up),
A: He’s always the one keeping others waiting for him.
B: He’s always the one waiting for others.

Sho’s answer: A
He said he always wanted to be early but he doesnt know why in the end he’s always late.. *LOL*
Glad to hear that.. at least he’s not that perfect *heee*

2nd question: His mail reply
A: Fast
B: Slow

Sho’s answer: A
He said he replied once he saw it unless those which needs long reply, he will marked it and reply it later.

3rd question:
A: He likes being pampered
B: He likes to pamper others
Just when Sho wants to put up his answer, the music rang and it shows that it’s commercial time. Sho’s expression was so funny, as if saying “ok ok i know it… ” :p

Sho’s answer: B
He said he’s not someone who likes to be pampered, maybe because he’s the eldest.
But he seldom pamper others too…..

4th question: Date plan
A: He decide it himself
B: He let others decide it.
Of course, it’s A 😀

Back to photo session.

Sakurai’s Box.

It’s his lunch box prepared by his friend.
He said he’s going on diet, and his friend offered to prepare him lunch during his filming. He really has a lot of friends!!
It’s salad, soup with ginger and miso soup.
All are vegetables.
He said his friend will change the ingredients everyday so that he won’t feel sick of it. Sometimes will add in chicken, sometimes egg, so he enjoys eating it everyday. Sometimes once a day, sometimes for 3 meals a day.

The host shows a photo “Sakurai’s Soba”. Sho was laughing at this.

This is the soba he always asked his manager to get it for him. Sakurai Soba means Soba with the ingredient as in the picture. It’s actually ramen’s ingredient. He said it doesn’t look that nice, but in fact it’s not bad.

The last photo, present from member.
It’s Aiba’s birthday present to him.

Sho said, he’s quite “troubled” with the present, because he has no chance to wear it, he doesnt know how to deal with it, finally he has a chance to show it on tv today *LOL*

Arashi members have been giving each other birthday present since debut.
He said last time he gave Nino his birthday present 6 months later after his birthday..*LOL*
He said for this year’s birthday, Nino gave him fragrance candle and aroma goods, As for Jun, he’s still waiting *LOL*

Today’s Hanamaru Cafe was very nice!!! And Sho looks very good today!

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11 Comments on “Sho in Hanamaru Cafe 2012.04.05”

  • Atena
    5 4月, 2012, 22:18

    Wow………….I love sho san (^_^)
    thanks for thia post ^___^

    rei125 Reply:

    i love him very much too (≧◡≦)~♥

  • 6 4月, 2012, 0:47

    Thank you very much Atena 🙂 I know a lot more about Sho through this….I love them all very much…. Looking cute Sho 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥

    rei125 Reply:

    You’re from India? So lucky! Sho went to your country before!

  • Erika
    6 4月, 2012, 7:40

    Woah, that university building is really beautiful, and those slopes made me long to the mountains. >.<
    anyway.. This was nice to watch, though one thing I missed was a photo of the members since it's like a tradition on Hanamaru.. Well, well, the best thing was seeing Sho healthier and chubbier. ^_^
    Thank you for the summary and really nice screen caps !

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks, i was actually using my camera to just take the picture on the tv.. *LOL*
    I feel like going travelling with him ><

  • 13 4月, 2012, 17:29

    Mmmm….I read about his India visit, in your blog above 😀 I knew about Arashi’s existence only this year…..2 or 3 months now. 🙂 So even if I had met him I wouldn’t have known him….LOL…….

    rei125 Reply:

    it’s still happy to know that he went to your country 🙂
    And he said many times that he likes India~

  • japanlori
    24 4月, 2012, 11:38

    Hello and aloha from Hawaii! I am enjoying reading your translations of everything Arashi. I lived in Japan from 2008 to 2011, and I miss watching the Arashi shows and dramas.  I have a question: How did Otonoha start and do all of the members do the same?

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks 🙂 your compliment is my encouragement 🙂
    sorry… i dunno how did otonoha start, i just know it started at 10 April 2008, I think it’s only a project by Johnny’s web, coz almost all johnny’s artist have their own “online diary”. For Arashi, besides Nino & Aiba, the other three writes too.
    The title of their diary:
    Sho: Otonoha (used to update every 10th and 20th, but changed to every 15th starting apr 2012)
    Jun: Enjoy (every last day of the month)
    Satoshi : he didnt write, he just upload his manga drawing everytime.

    Last time Nino has his own diary called “Game Nikki” (Game Diary), he updates it every day, but he ended it at 2008 suddenly, he told fans, “Don’t ask me the reason”, so no one knows why he stopped writing.. *cry*

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