HNA Mannequin Five Spring 2012′s Voting

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Have you vote for your favourite mannequin ?
I went to vote at TBS yesterday.
I wanted to go there after work but when i heard that the “seiriken” (queuing ticket) are almost finished distributed by noon, i dashed out of my office during lunch time and headed to TBS to get my “seiriken” *LOL* (hmm.. i really want to see those cordination with my own eyes冷や汗 (顔))
I reached there around 12:45 and my “seiriken” is almost the last number and my voting time is 19:00!! OH MY GOSH… i didnt queue long last autumn… but this year it seems that the tickets are finished distributed very early by noon…. Anyway, 7:00pm was just good for me, i went back to office and went to vote again after working あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

Unlike previous seasons where the theme is “dating clothes”, the theme for Spring 2012 is which coordination do you think is the most “kakkoii”. And this time the vote is opened to male audience too!
Everyone is given a sheet of paper where you marked on your choice and write down your comments.

Voting box

Voting Sheet

Every year, fans are busy guessing which is the coordination of their most beloved Arashi members *LOL* I tried to not think too much of it, just choose the one which i like most. I think that’s fairer and i will feel happier if my choice is the same as the person i like (I mean Sho…. 😳 黒ハート)
Everytime after voting for the one i like most, i will then spend my time guessing whose coordination are those but this time.. i’m not going to guess at all… I will tell you my reason later……. がまん顔


Simple. Black + White Coordination.
Looks not bad, but a bit too pale for me?
I would prefer more colors ^^
And i am worrying that the pants might get dirty わーい (嬉しい顔)


The colors doesn’t look nice on photos, but i love the cardigan~
The pants and shoes are “so-so” only….


I love this!
The pink coat is toooo lovely!
Oh yeah, this coordination reminds me of Sho in “Tokujyo Kabachi” !!!!


I heard too many people saying that No.4 is playing a fool *LOL*
Well, that’s exactly on my mind when i first saw it… but after a short while, i began to think that it’s not bad after all! (Except for the ribbon……)


I love all the items in this mannequin!
The stripes jacket, the dotted necktie, the V neck vest, the pants, the pants color and its length.
Everything is just too perfect.

I was thinking of between No3 and No5, in the end i chose No5 because No.3 might looks a bit too formal, just like a salaryman in winter.

Alright, i’m going to say why i’m not going to guess whose coordinations are these this time..
It’s because……………. i learnt that………….. No.5 mannequin played cheat….!!! ふらふら
No.5 mannequin is the coordination of a mannequin in a shop, the shop staffs mentioned this in their twitter..
This means one of them played cheat ><

I was a bit sad… well, it’s so funny to see some of them playing cheat in previous episodes, but when you spent your time going there voting, thinking for a long time of which to vote and finally made your decision and realized that the one you vote is not the “pure” coordination by the members,, it’s actually a bit disappointing… 😥
I don’t wanna guess whose coordinations are those because i don’t want to guess who played cheat…
I’m sure Aiba wont, he’s quite fashionable, he scolded Nino for not being serious last time, so he wont.
I hope it’s not Sho and i believe it’s not him.
I think it’s not Nino because he was scolded last time.
I don’t think leader will do the same thing twice?
Jun.. because he lost twice? NOOOOO…. i don’t wanna guess this…. >_< So i've decided not to guess this time, just wait patiently for the answer 🙂 If Sho is No.3 , i think i'm going to cry my hearts out.... あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

As usual, they played the opening section of the show and you can watch it while queuing.

Looking forward to it!!!

Last year we got stickers as gift for voting, this year, it’s clear file!

Results will be out 12 April. Stay tuned!
Online voting:

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    20 11月, 2012, 11:11

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    Wa~ this is great! I’ve always wanted to vote too [online]. But the timing is quite hard to get. Do you know when’s the next M5 Special?

    rei125 Reply:

    they didnt mention about the Manekin5 SP yet

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