Tokyo Tower in AMNOS color

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Tokyo Tower lights up in AMNOS color today, from 6pm to 12am midnight.

I went there and waited for the clock to strike 18:00 SHARP! *LOL*
It starts to “blink” and slowly, the whole tower is colored with AMNOS color.
From bottom to the top, blue, red, green, yellow(urm..actually it’s white ><) , purple.

Of course, I’m not going to watch this alone, “brought along” Sho-chan, Nino, Aiba-chan, Jun-kun & Leader!! *LOL*

A snap to remember this moment!

Walked nearer to the location to get a closer look at the tower. Crowd everywhere!!

Another photo session with Arashi! *LOL* Hai, Cheese~!

The AMNOS colors were not so “obvious” .. and yellow turn out to be white あせあせ (飛び散る汗) But still, appreciate FujiTV effort to light it up 🙂

Walked further on, away from the tower to take a clearer view of it. Guess the color might looks more obvious.

And last photo session with Arashi. Minna, hai, cheese ~~~~! わーい (嬉しい顔)

Alright, byebye~~~ 手 (パー)

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3 Comments on “Tokyo Tower in AMNOS color”

  • Pauline
    27 4月, 2012, 6:17

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    Ohh lucky girl !! That’s so beautiful ! I wish i could have seen it. I want the Eiffel Tower to ligth up in Arashi colors too…lol

    rei125 Reply:

    Pauline, maybe you could just make a suggestion? lol
    i would be even lucky if i’m watching it with the real members and not the uchiwa *LOL*

  • 20 11月, 2017, 10:31

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