Making of Kamisama no Karute

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I’m writing only on the making of Kamisama no Karute (extra disc in the DVD). You can check on my movie review in my previous post here.

The special edition comes with
(1) 2 discs
(Disc 1: Movie & Memorial of Kamisama no Karute Promotion Events)
(Disc 2: Director Hukagawa x Actor Sakurai Sho Visual Commentary & Making of Kamisama no Karute)
(2) 68pages of Memorial of Photobook
(3) Movie Flier (Overseas version, with english explanation)

The DVD Box’s wrapping is soooooooooooo nice !!!

Making of Kamisama no Karute

Actually, i was quite disappointed with the making because they don’t show much of those making scenes, ie those NG scenes or those backstage scenes. I love to see those backstage scenes, so it’s a bit “zannen” to me. Sho went to Nagano again one year after the shooting and it shows him talking on his filming one year ago.

Then he had a talk with Natsukawa Sensei, the author of this novel (who is also the actual doctor in this story) and also the director of the film.

Of course they don’t totally exclude those making behind the scenes, you still can see some and i love to see them わーい (嬉しい顔)

Sho learning how to use the endoscope

Listening seriously to sensei

This time, listening seriously to director's instruction

Trying to think hard and develop the emotion?

Dunno what is "Ucchi" whispering to Sho!

And Sho turned around and laughed *LOL*

Oh yeah, i called Okadakun, the guy as “Gakushi” in the movie as “Ucchi”, Okadakun’s character in Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes, he and Sho has known each other since Cat’s Eyes.

Sho is trying to help Ucchi do some stretch? *LOL*

Memorial of Kamisama no Karute Promotion Events

All promotions events were included in Disc 1.

2011.07/25 First press conference at Tokyo Roppongi

Sho and Aoi and the other casts appeared on a limousine at Roppongi Hills.

Actually….. I WAS THERE !!!
Urm… to be correct, i was not at the press conference, i was looking at him from the stairs at roppongi hills… *LOL* Of course, i cant see Sho’s face at all, i can only “feel” it 😳

SHO DOWN THERE !!!!! I can feel him!!! *excited*

Trying to zoom and Zoom and ZOOM !! That's the maximum..

Fans trying to take a look at Sho

The pink carpet and stage for the press conference

2011.07.27 Pre Road Show Event at Nagano

2011.08.15 Talk Event with Doctors and Nurse at Shinbashi

2011.08.24 Summer Event at Yuurakucho

Sho and Aoi turned up with yukata わーい (嬉しい顔)
He said he likes it because yukata looks good on his slope shoulder *LOL*

Aoi then passed him a message board with thank you message written by other casts, they thanked Sho for his hard work in promoting this movie, yeah, he has done more than 100 interviews and attending all sorts of events for this movie. I still remember it was a month of Sakurai Sho and i spent too much on magazines *LOL*

2011.08.27 First day greeting of Road Show at Yurakucho

He looks so thin in just within a few weeks??

2011.09.13 In celebration for movie getting more than 1 million viewers

Sho mentioned that his friend since primary school who is now a doctor called him up and told him that he watched the movie and he thinks that Sho has done a good job. Sho said he’s happy to hear compliments from his friend.

2011.09.27 Talk event with university students

I think he looks so good in this sakura coat 🙂

Director Hukagawa x Actor Sakurai Sho Visual Commentary

I think the reason that they exclude those NG scenes or backstage scene was probably because they want to put in this commentary talk? It shows the talk between Sho and the movie director while they’re watching the movie, they’ve been talking while the WHOLE movie, the FULL movie is being shown, so it’s around 2 hours? It’s as if watching the movie together with Sho, then they’ll talk on the memories on the scene, what happened on the scene and many others. Basically it’s a very calm talk the whole 2 hours, sometimes you could hear Sho’s laughing voice *LOL* Well, it helps to understand the whole movie.
Sho looks a bit “embarrassed” on the scene he cried. Hmm.. i wanted to hear his talk on this scene, but the director has been talking and talking… and it’s over… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
I wanted to write on what he talked, but you know, it’s 2 hours… and i cant really remember since i watched it around 2 weeks ago.. あせあせ (飛び散る汗) Gomen-ne….

And lastly some pictures from the photobooks.

Rest hour, Awwww so cute!!!

I feel so "sad" when i saw the ring on his finger.. i know it's only a movie.. but..

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6 Comments on “Making of Kamisama no Karute”

  • nik
    4 3月, 2012, 23:45

    thanx for sharing~
    cant to wait to watch it~

    rei125 Reply:

    i appreciate your “thanks” too~ thank you 🙂

  • Cefy
    30 3月, 2012, 22:40

    Thanks for sharing =) 
    I want to whach the movie and all that too! but its hard for me understand if it is a lot of talk xD
    I love  those making scenes too, is funny and lovely waching him 🙂 and wich Ucchi too!  I wanna know what they said
    They dont show the part when the film ends  and Sho give thanks to all the cast?? I read that Sho cry. I want to wach it! 😮
    Thaks for this
    I like sho-kun too much =3

    rei125 Reply:

    they didnt show the crank up scene… 😥
    yeah, the extra dvd is full of talking.. rather “serious”, so it’ll be a bit difficult if you cant understand it…

  • chokoreito
    5 12月, 2012, 3:17

    thank you so much for sharing this
    i’m thinking that i will order the dvd though i can’t understand Japanese
    may i ask you how long is the talk event in the university, cause i’ve heard that in the event sho-chan gave the university students some advices, i loved to hear it, so i kind of want to know did the dvd cover all the events
    sorry if my grammar is not good

    Thank you inadvance
    I really love reading your blog  <3

    rei125 Reply:

    the dvd did not cover the whole event, just a very short clip… i dun remember the time, but not long… coz most of it goes to the visual documentary..

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