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When i first heard this song, i feel so high and feel like dancing *LOL*
The rap was simply “saikou”.
Frankly, i cant hear clearly all the words, but when i checked on the lyrics, i love the song even more!!
He wrote on his debut, career as an idol, how Arashi was treated as “weed” (which will never grow well) and the way he thinks.
He used a lot of very abstract expressions, so i found it hard to understand the whole lyrics, and after searching and reading on others explanation, i finally understand what he’s trying to say.

Unlike previous translation, i wont be translating each row of the lyrics, i’ll just relay the hidden message inside.
Thanks to this fan who explained it in so details.
Of course, it’s not 100% correct. No one knows the answer besides him. Lyrics are abstract, you can interprete it in any way you want, but i believe it’s almost the true meaning, at least very near to what Sho is trying to say.

I like the way he started his lyrics.

Hey!Hey! 俺ら山 風の登場

If you direct translate it, it means, “Here comes the mountain and wind”.
But the mountain(山=yama) and wind(風=kaze) actually means Arashi(嵐), the combination of two words.
He’s such poetic 🙂

Alright, from now i’m going to roughly explain what he wrote in the lyrics.
Once again, please note that i got the explanation from several sources, plus my own understanding towards him (some hints from Sho Beat etc). It’s NOT Sho who interpret it, so I’m sorry if there’s any mistake in it.
I just hope that his message can be understood by people who loves him, although it may not be 100% correct, but it should be enough to convey his feelings.

Hey!Hey! 俺ら山 風の登場
高嶺の方向 向けてまた攻防

Opening with very high tension, telling everybody hey! hey! we’re Arashi.
He said although Arashi has some achievement now (the time he wrote this), he describe Arashi is still a “prodigal son”, still childish, but what they really hope is that they can do something for fans who are always be with them.

Jazz band, Hip Hop取り込んで行く
是こそご存知のHipなPop(That’s right)

As you know, Jazz band and Hip hop is very popular type of music.
The title for this song is Hip Pop (NOTE: NOT Hop), and the meaning is different.
He’s saying that it’s kinda “Hip’s Pop”, so maybe we need to combine both meaning of “hip” and “pop”,
Hip = latest (newest)
Pop = Popular (famous)
So, it means latest famous, describing Arashi’s music, he said it’s the style of Arashi music for now, and for future.

このメンツで(yeah) 届けるぜ(yeah)
歴史のページをいまめくれ(world is mine)
時代is mine
未来is mine

He said he’s going to deliver this kind of music together with the other members of Arashi.
They’re going to create a page of history (world is mine)
The generation is mine
The future is mine.
He’s going to light up the amateur terrace (a shrine in japan) ← Dont understand this part.. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

Hip hop beat yo

He swear to create a title for himself as a university graduate idol.
He swear to create a title for himself using a mic and a pen
He swear this’s going to be his life career (on the stage).
The “pen” here has a very deep meaning. If you are Sho fanatic, you should know that he created a song “ペンの指す方向” (Pen no sasu houkou = Pen’s direction) with 3 chapters, each talking about his johnny’s life, his school life, and his idol life.
The “pen” in the song means his school, Keio University.
This’s the logo of the school.

It has a meaning of “The pen is mightier than the sword”.
So, Sho is using the word “pen” again in Hip Pop Boogie, and he said he’s holding both mic and pen, so basically it reminds us of the “pen” in Keio, so i assume that it’s the meaning.

And… i just realized that the logo for Otonoha is a mic and a pen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a big shock of my life…………………. I’ve been reading Otonoha for so long, but the logo wasn’t that big and i never notice it before!! I thought it’s a lace pattern…. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

いま言える いまならば言える

He said he’s not sure what’s waiting for him in front, he cant see the end of the road, but he can only keep on walking, on his pace, no matter what people said about him(them).
And now, he finally can say that, his hard work has been paid off by the achievement he got now.

いま時代が手の中に(yeah yeah)
Pass da mic.
Pass da pen.
このmic and pen Rock the world

He was shouting like, hey someone out there, could you please pass me the mic and pen, i wanna rock the world.

こんなゆっくりでいいんだって こんな俺らだってでもいんだって
こんな景色まで見られるなんて こんな… こんなとこ来てたなんて
道がないなら創ればいい その先例え果ていてたとしても

This is quite a touching part.
He said he wondered before if it’s alright that their pace is so slow. He wondered if it’s alright it’s five of them.
He never expect to see such a scene in front of him (meaning audience in concert).
Now he know, even if there seem to be no road in front of him, as long as you try hard, you’ll be successful one day.


Arashi’s the first pioneer, It’s going to be the first and the last pioneer.
The way the five of them chose to walk, that’s why they can have today, they can laugh today.
(Urm.. last time Arashi was going downhill and Johnny’s were not looking good on them. Johnnys let them do their own work, just like Nino said before, they never got any opposition or lecture on whatever they want to do from Johnnys Entertainment, they’re “free”, another meaning is they’re left behind by Johnnys. So maybe Sho was trying to say that although in such situation, they still enjoy and go on their own pace, believe in themselves and now they prove that they have done it)

飾りでなく 外野黙り込む lyricalidol 辺りを巻き込む

He asked those media who always think that they’re only idols for good looking to keep quiet.
He said they’re lyrical idol.
Yes, it’s Hip’s POPSTAR.

きっとずっと 一歩通行
悪いが俺 先急ぐぞ
(集合)津々浦々 八百万の長
人の上 下に人作らぬなら

This part is very hard….
He said this’s a road with no turnback and he will keep going on.
He said god doesnt create human who is above you or below you (meaning everyone the same), everything depends on your hardwork.

What’s going on? 何か違うと思わないかい?
What’s going on?あんな大の大人が
What’s going on? 罵り合い大会

This part sounds like he has received critics on his rap or maybe Arashi has received critics on their song or whatever. He was kinda feeling like “Hey, what’s going on? dont you think that it’s weird? why adults like to critics and scold on people?”
He doesn’t want to see such a scene.

こうなりゃもう… そう咲き乱れる

He said he will continue to rap, although maybe those “real” or “pro” rappers will sneer at him.

温室の雑草がマイク持つRAP SONG

The rap song from weeds in greenhouse, he’s referring to himself (or Arashi?) as weeds in greenhouse, weeds that nobody ever take care to.


And… I’m tired!!! *LOL*
Sorry, i’m not good at translating… but i just cant keep silent.. just wanna more Arashics to know about it because he wrote it so sincerely.
I thank you very very much if you keep reading until now!! あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
The lyrics shows that he’s really intelligent, he knows a lot of words, and he knows how to write them beautifully..

Cheers Hip Pop Boogie !!! 指でOK

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  • 1 3月, 2012, 11:12

    Sho did really write this song from his heart… i feel really proud to have like him for almost 6 years now… that Otonoha logo… that was a shock for me too… thank you for making us”fans’ realize that.. he is so consistent with his message… 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    i’ve been facing otonoha for so long and this’s the first time i realized it… awww…. he deserves all our love ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ

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