Still, the story behind Sakurap

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OK, old fans should know 🙂 A very touching story, for new fans.. 😥

Sho fans should know that he has one very very good friend “Shin” who had moved to Russia (many years ago). He always mentioned this friend in Sho Beat many many years ago, and many times in his Otonoha, in varieties, in magazines etc etc.. even the recent one.

The sakurap in “Still” origins from his self composed song, “どこにいても” (Dokoni itemo = Wherever you are), which he made specially for Shin. They sang together and recorded together and made it into CD. He used the background music of “Love so sweet” for this song, and wrote the lyrics and rap on it.

“Still” a song describing two friends who will go on separate ways to pursue their own dreams. You can take it as a love song, or a friendship song, but Sho said the first thing on his mind when he was asked to add on rap to it was the situation of him and Shin, so he decided to use the lyrics he wrote for “Dokoni itemo” on “Still”.

March is a graduation season in Japan. In recent magazines, he was asked which Arashi’s song he think is the best to listen on March graduation season. His number one is “Still”. Then he started talking about the story behind this rap, his friendship with Shin. He said, they held a farewell party to Shin one whole night, and the next morning sending him to airport. He felt very sad, but at the same time, he felt that he must “ganbaru” more, just like the way his friend is going to pursue his dream. Although parting is always painful, but both must learn how to grow up and strive for the best in own life.
Hmm… such touching story…. 😥

I really love this song…
It’s one of my best Sakurap, and after i learned about the meaning behind the lyrics, i love it even more!! 黒ハート

The lyrics part.
Trying to translate it わーい (嬉しい顔)
Hope that i’m capable enough to convey his feeling…

“あの日 君は僕になんて言ったっけ…”
“what did you tell me the other day..”
Well, it doesnt really matter what you said
散々会って 段々分かって
We always meet so many times, and gradually we became to understand each other much
When the season is approaching, we cried so much
君は君 夢 でっかく描いて
You have your own big dream
I’m here praying for your success
「待ってるだけじゃ明日はないから 動いたここじゃ始まらないから」
“Nothing will change if you just wait here, Nothing will start if you dont start moving”
Even though the road ahead is in darkness
Even though it is a detour

Let both of us
keep our sad expression

This is not a parting
It is a start for a new encounters
ただ 僕はなおあなたに逢いたいまだ…
But.. i feel like meeting you again..
May we get reunited and smile again together
Yeah, we must.

OK, enough of heart touching story :p
Sho visited this friend last year (or last 2 years?) , and Shin comes back to Japan regularly too according to Sho Beat. Sho was teasing him and said “give us back our tears” *LOL* because they were so sad when they thought they wont be meeting each other for good, never did he expect Shin to come back so regularly *LOL*


どこにいても (Dokoni itemo)

And this’s the song he composed for Shin, “Dokoni itemo”.

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5 Comments on “Still, the story behind Sakurap”

  • cool1412
    29 2月, 2012, 1:25

    Ohmygosh, I didn’t know that Shin went to Russia! I have both songs on my ipod and listen to them regularly, but I didn’t know Doko ni Itemo was before Still… What was Shin’s dream in Russia exactly? And lol, Sho’s “Give us back our tears!” XD that’s the best.

    rei125 Reply:

    haha, i dunno what’s Shin’s dream also :p
    but if i m not wrong, sho said he was transferred there, so i think it’s not his decision to go there, but looks like he’s doing good over there, since he’s still there after so many yrs~

  • therrygene
    29 2月, 2012, 23:50

    Awwwww. I love Sho. I really like those people who write lyrics of songs to express their feelings. Me too. Still is one of the best arashi song for me. 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    Me too, i love Still and i love him ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
    soooooooooooooooo much !!!

  • 6 4月, 2012, 0:54

    Wow….how cute….I love friendships like that. I’m reading about Sho all the way today!!!!!!!! Where’s my JunBabe??? I want to read about him too 🙁

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