How’s it going (2003)

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How’s it going, 2003 summer concert final stage at Saitama. It was around 10 years ago. Nino and Jun were only 20, Sho and Aiba 21, Ohno 23. Wow.. time flies…
No gorgeous stage and setting, not much kakkoii costumes, not much long hit songs, everything looks “simple”, something’s not the same and yet nothing much has changed. Their energy, their effort and most of all, their smiles. Yeah.. although they improved a lot in this 10 years, but the basic nature within them has not changed at all.. I guess that’s the reason why they can become the top idol now. Do your best in whatever you do, and enjoy it! That’s what i feel everytime when i saw their performance. They’re really my source of energy!

2003年のHow’s it going。最近と比べてステージもそれほど華やかではない。曲も正直ロングヒットは少ない。衣装もあれ?と思うのもあったり。でもね、本当に今見ても違和感ないね。10年経った今は昔と変わらないなーと。一生懸命さ。そして笑顔。ずっと変わってなかった。

The DVD started with their talk just before the concert begins.

The most “precious” thing in old DVD is we could hear those not so famous songs, their old songs. I love “Blue” and “Pallete”.
And… Sho played piano for “Blue” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The others sang together with his piano… This is so valuable.. he never did it in other concert anymore!! Blue is such a sentimental song.. with him playing piano, i love the song even more!!!

Another interesting part is the song “ナイスな心意気” (Nice na kokoro iki) , their clothes are so cute with the hair, urm.. i forgot what it’s called.. aloha?

We have their solo too.

Song: 夜風 (Yoru kaze)
I am not very satisfied with the costume… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) It looks so much like a pro-wrestler… orz…

Song: so-so-so
Well, as usual, great dance 🙂 The pictures are too blur coz he danced too fast! *LOL*

Song: Don’t cry

Song: Touch me now
Urm… sorry, i dun really like the song, but i like the way he danced! 黒ハート
The screen shows some of those backstage shot of him… Kya~~~~~~~~~~~
Oops… when it comes to Sho, the photos are always a lot… gomen-ne… わーい (嬉しい顔)

Song: 夢 (Yume)
An epic…. just love Nino’s voice.. it’s so sad…

Look at these smiles, they are still the same after so many years, don’t you agree?

This DVD shows a lot of their backstage shots. Their preparation before the concert, their cheers after the concert etc.

Looking at them really made me feel so happy and relaxed!!!

Oh yeah, they show leader cycling bicycle.. i dunno why.. it’s not in the Saitama performance, but it’s soooo funny!! HAHAHAHA 😀

This DVD comes with 2 discs, the second one is those backstage scenes taken by members themselves. A lot of very funny talk or fool from them, some of it could be seen in youtube…. I will write on this another chance maybe because.. honestly i always feel headache after watching it.. because their hands are shaking when taking the videocam… orz 冷や汗2 (顔) The contents were so funny but the video keep shaking.. orz.. Anyway, if you’re not so “weak” as me, you’ll definitely like it! 😀

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