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They took Pikanchi Double three years (?) after Pikanchi, and Pikanchi Double shows the changes of the five friends after three years.
Everything seems to have changed. Sometimes they have to do things which they don’t like, which they swear they’ll never do it when they grow up. Sometimes they have to give in. Sometimes they have to lie.
However, there’s one thing which has not changed after all, i.e their friendship.
I think Pikanchi and Pikanchi Double is really very good movie!!

Takuma came back from LA and hoping to make a debut as a singer. He met up with the others and found that everyone has changed. Shun enrolled himself in a crochet school and eventually turned up to be a crochet sensei 😳 He then managed to produce his own brand “SHUN MEN”. Everything he wears were all made by himeself :p

Haru is still the timid Haru, he’s working in a supermarket own by the lady he had sex in Pikanchi… I dunno why Haru is still with her, the only “story” that i am not so satisfied is Haru’s part.. Well, i can only say this is life perhaps? We have this kinda people and this kinda life around us. Haru sometimes worked as volunteer in the flats activities. Chu is now a salesman in a big electrical shop, and he’s the top salesman in the shop.

They had a small gathering at an “open cafe”, Takuma then learnt that Chu is now married with a son!!

Chu is so eager to show Takuma the photos of his son.

Shun told Takuma, the story between Chu and his wife is so romantic. His wife was also one of the motorcyle gang, and quite a “bad” gal, both Chu and her used to go against with each other, but Chu never fight back everytime no matter how hard the gal beat her. Chu said he never beat woman, and since then the gal has fall in love with her, they dated each other and one year after that the gal is pregnant and they got married. Since then, Chu has been working very hard and decently for his family. (OH NO.. the photo of Chu getting beaten is so horrible.. i cant recognize it’s Sho!!!.. orz…)
Sho looks very cute as daddy!!!

Alright, where’s Bon? Hmm… Bon left Yashio and he is learning hard to become a real cook in a restaurant.
Actually, Yashio Flats, the place where they stayed for years is going for a demolition. Yashio residents has been fighting very hard to stop it, including Haru and Shun. Bon however agreed to the municipality and Haru thinks that Bon betrayed them, and he treated Bon as traitor.

The story goes on focussing on how the boys tried to stop the demolition especially Haru.
Shun thinks Haru has been spending too much time on this kinda protesting activity as he has been skipping his work. Chu too, he’s being told not to involve in those activities if he still wanna keep his job, especially when he’s given a chance to be transfer to a bigger branch.

One part which i like most is when Chu was asked to attend to his clients on a boat. Remember the boat which they used to look at it in Pikanchi? The boat with salarymen and women fooling inside. Five of them swear to themselves that they will never become adult like them. Chu said “I’ll never step on the boat!!!” and when he was asked to attend to the clients, he was so confused..

Although he is unwilling to, and he’s not happy with the situation, he still gotta try to entertain the clients, tying his necktie on the forehead, drink and fool with the clients…

It is painful enough to do things against own will, but the most painful moment was… all his actions were seen by his best friends, Takuma, Shun and Haru. He doesnt know how to face them…

When he went back to his home, he greeted his son “Hey, Teppeki (his son’s name), Papa is back!!” and he walked to his wife and son, hugged them deeply.. His wife asked him “hey anata, what…” and he just say “Please.. just let me hug you”… and he cried…. 😥
This part is so sad……… and touching……. You can do what you like and don’t do what you dislike when you’re young, but as you grow up, you need to learn how to give in..

Urm, the story on the demolition is abit complex. It was actually a plot and Haru who was engrossed in it was being used. By one chance, Bon happened to get the evidence against the one who was plotting all these, just when he tried to ask his friend to pass the evidence to the other four, he bumped into Takuma and Shun. Takuma and Shun then realized Bon has never left Yashio. They tried to disclose the plot behind all these, tried to save Haru from all the trouble. Takuma and Shun visited Chu, asking him to help them. Chu was in a dilemma (coz he was actually trying to stay away from these chaos).

I think Sho looks good with the hairband on his head !!! 黒ハート

Shun was kidnapped. Takuma and Bon couldn’t find him and when they phoned Chu, Chu who was unwilling to help at first stood up and rushed out. When he knows his friend is in trouble, this guy couldn’t do nothing! His wife is so sweet too, she took out the clothes that Chu used to wear during his “gangster” days :p Chu talked to his brother, and his brother advised him to do what he thinks is right.

Meanwhile the protesting has come to climax. Haru was about to release a bomb?? (he was manipulated..) and Takuma appeared. He sang their song and Haru stopped his action. Another part where you need to get ready for tissue papers!! 😥

Anyway, Chu managed to save Shun and they reached in time to expose everything.
The five of them finally gets together, and when Bon asked “Can i come back..?”, Takuma pushed Haru to him, and Haru said “ok..” 😥

The story ends with Takuma going back to LA. Before he left, same like three years ago, Haru passed him a gift. He passed the other too. It’s a notebook. Haru said if you feel lonely or feel beaten or unhappy, just write everything in the notebook to release your stress. The cover looks like the words written by Takuma three years ago, but it’s slightly different.
3 years ago, it was “Life is hard, dakedo happy” (Life is hard BUT happy)
3 years later, it is “Life is hard, dakara happy” (Life is hard, SO be happy)
The meaning is totally different although only one word in between is changed.

Hey, minna, remember this!! Good motivation!

Life is hard, DAKARA happy!!

Sorry for repeating but i really think that Pikanchi series are very good movies. Especially Chu’s boat incident, i think i need to work harder after watching!! Not everyone is enjoying their work, sometimes we are not happy with somebody or something around us, but we need to march on! I think it’s important to find ourselves the motion to keep us moving on.

Oh yeah, the ending roll shows what they think about “Pikanchi Double”

Ohno: Main characters

Sho: Maintenance and Separation

Aiba: Youth

Nino: movie

Jun: Boy→Pikanchi→Adult

Alright, if you follow me, i’m sure you know that i’m Sho’s freak…. so, sorry, allow me to put some more of Chu’s shot!! 黒ハート黒ハート


Look at the arm!! and the cute face!!!! Kya~~~~~~~

*FAINT* i wanna be that girl!!!

This DVD comes with 35minutes making. So here are some of the making shots.


testing out costumes

He really looks so good!!

i love this shot!!




One very amusing part is Sho feeding them potato chips! *LOL*

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    I need to ask something. When you said “Sometimes they have to do things, which they don’t like, which they swear they’ll never do it when they grow up. Sometimes they have to give in”, do you mean the actors or the characters?

    rei125 Reply:

    sorry for late reply, yeah, the character in the drama

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