Arashi FanClub Bulletin/Newsletter #55

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Finally it has arrived today! 😀
It has only been 3 months since the previous number, but i felt as if i’ve been waiting for more than 6 months!
Many off shots (?) , member’s private shots from Nino again *LOL*
I’m going to translate Nino’s paragraph this time, coz it’s sooo funny!! わーい (嬉しい顔)

It’s spring soon !!!

Jun talking on Lucky Seven, he said he’s enjoying everyday, the filming was very fun, because all the casters are very interesting.

Next, it’s Nino !!! Funny guy with all his funny photos! *LOL*

In previous newsletter, i asked for opinion on the title for my photos. And seems like many asked for “Arashi’s smile”, “Arashi’s friendship” and “Gakuya” shots. And also some requested for “member’s part”. Alright, i roughly got the idea what you all want to see. And i know you all must be very thoughtful, requesting for those shots that does not require me to go out! (LOL) Must be trying to think of those shots that are easy for me to take ne! Domo Arigato!

So, as promised last time, i have took those photos which are most requested!
First, it’s Ohno-san’s ear! It’s one of the “parts” series ne! And also Sho-san’s ankle! ←Kyaaaa !!!! THANKS NINO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sho-kun happened to past by when i was writing this) Ah Sho-san!! Can i upload the your ankle’s photo? Sho-kun: “The one you took just now? II desho! ” (prompt answer) Arigato gozaimasu! (LOL) Yappari it’s hard to see Sho-chan’s ankle right? Just think it commonly, you wont get to see it normally right. We wear shoes when we meet you all. So, it is a rare chance. And Jun kun ne. When i told him that fans want to see Arashi’s friendship photos, he said it reminds him of those photos we took for each other for BW concert. And he gave a nice pose! Sasuga! And Ohno-san, he was watching a fishing show on tv.. (The habits of the horse mackerel)。And Aiba-san’s butt… Ooops.. can i upload this? What? DAME ? Hmm… i think it’s a precious shot… Alright, i’ve took a lot of photos this time too, but the best photo goes to…. hmm… (thinking now..) i think it should be this. Aiba san’s smiling face! Well, master (oh-chan) is slightly could be seen at the back there though.. (LOL) Well, i think this’s the best shot! Of course, i like Jun’s smiling facee too, but …… Yappari No1 is Aiba san kana~
I will try to take those pictures that you all want to see in the future too. What? You want to see those pictures that i took it personally and not those requested by fans? I see. Sou dane. Alright, will do it next time. Urm.. how many times is this corner? It’s the 5th time this time. And it’s the 3rd year… Alright, i will take it on the 8th time!
※Nino called Sho, Sho-san, Sho-kun, Sho-chan, 3 ways in just a few sentences *LOL*

Sho's ankle and foot! KYA!!!!!!!

Nino's best shot, Aiba's smile! NINOAI !!!

Next it’s Sho~



Can you see the small picture at the right on the last page?
Yeah, it’s Sho’s private travelling photo!!! World heritage behind him~
Picture is too small.. cant see the face.. and it’s blur when enlarge it.. but still, thanks Sho-chan for sharing!!!!! 黒ハート

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