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This movie is sooooooooooo funny!! I just cant stop laughing even though i’m only looking at the pictures i captured from the DVD 😀

Pikanchi portrays the story of five high school students who are good friends and their encounter and stories on their love, family, school etc before their highschool graduation. This is a true story based on the life of V6’s Inohara.


Consider the most “normal” guy among five of them, His father is a DJ, often make live broadcasting to the whole flats in Yashio.
His life “changed” when he falls in love with a girl he met in Harajuku. He decided to work hard for the sake of the girl but I think the girl does not know how to cherish him.


The most timid guy among five of them. He likes to buy those adult magazines and hide them in every corner in his house but always found by his mum *LOL*
He often gets cheated because he doesn’t know how to turn down when people ask him for help. He was actually “manipulated” by older women most of the time…. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)


The first guy who introduced “skateboard” to the people in Yashio Flats, so he’s consider like the most “high-tech” boy in their flats. He likes to skate and he brings along his skateboard wherever he goes.
This guy has a sad family background… i will tell on the story later..


Cant stop laughing at this Sho !!! *LOL*
Unlike the other four, Chu was expelled from high school when he tried to fight with the teacher who made sexual harassment to the girl he likes. He is a member of the yankee motorcycle gang. He often goes around with his bike.


This guy’s family background is not bad, his father later sent him to homestay at a vietnam family and want him to learn how to make vietnamese food. Although the Vietnamese family has been teaching him again and again, he just cant meet their standard, but he never complains anything.

Five of them are friends since secondary school. They spent their times fooling around, doing things like stealing items from the supermarket… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) and when they realized they’re are going to graduate from highschool soon.

They look so cute in those secondary school uniform and student look !! わーい (嬉しい顔)

They stay in a flats area called “Yashio Flats” in Tokyo. Although it’s Tokyo, but it’s just not those high-tech Tokyo area, so they’re always daydreaming of those life in Tokyo. They decided to go to Harajuku before their graduation. Harajuku is a street or town area of youngsters (it is still popular now, fyi Johnny’s Shop is there too), you can see a lot of girls and fashions and everything new there. They decided to go and try to find a girl to date. Actually it’s not their first time to Harajuku, it’s the 3rd time. The first time, they got lost and came back empty handed. The second time, Chu and Bon quarreled on what to eat, so that marked the end of their trip *LOL*

They got lost in their first trip to Harajuku

Their second time to Harajuku

They tried all their means to date girls *LOL*
Shun tried to greet those girls he met but none of them bothers to talk to him. By one chance he met one girl called Miku whom he falls in love at first sight. He had a chance to know Miku’s phone number and he decided to call her later.

Haru was wandering on the street and he was cheated by two women.. lost all his money that he withdraw from the bank!!! (100,000 yen…) Poor Haru..

Takuma tried to attract the girls with his skate-boarding, he thought he was very clever but he met a group of guys who skate much better than him, he felt so embarassed after learning that his capability is nothing compared to those town people.

Chu tried to show off his “karate” skill, in order to attract the girls *LOL*

Bon tried to set up a crepe stall selling crepe. At first he did attract a lot of girls and his business was good, but he was bullied by one group saying that he has no licence to put up a stall there and he was beaten.

He phoned the other four and they rushed there, at first they’re shocked to see Bon’s situation, then they find it so funny and laughed together, Bon laughed too! Well, although what they did are really silly, but they really enjoyed their Harajuku trip and i love this laughing scene. It shows truly how good is the friendship of this five character.

After their Harajuku trip, they went back to their normal days life. One funny part is when they decided to watch those porn movie together. Takuma rented the video and they gathered in a room watching it together. Takuma said, alright, put up your hands when you already “have the feeling” *LOL*
Haru put up his hands just when the movie is played *LOL*, followed by Chu, and then Takuma, Shun and Bon 😀

One day, Bon overheard his parents conversation, his parents wanted to send him to another place, a foreign family for homestay. He thought it’s oversea and he hold a meeting with the rest of the people, he promised them that he’s going to be big, and will come back to help to develop their Yashio Flats, ie building big shopping complex, building swimming pool which demands girls to be topless *LOL*
Their talk was so childish and yet so sweet, the dream of youngster, very naive.
Anyway, his “homestay” is just at a vietnamese family nearby!! *LOL* So, he’s still staying at Yashio.

Shun decided to call Miku and since then he has been dating Miku. He lied to Miku that he’s going to sit for university entrance exam, and he’s eyeing for Aoyama University (quite a famous and prestigious school). Since then he has been studying hard and he is determined to pass the exam.

When the other four learnt his decision, they were actually a bit “angry” because they thought Shun is going to leave them behind here, going to the advanced town just because of a girl. They had a talk or “argument” later. Shun then asked them “so what do you all want to do after graduation? Do you want to stay here and being normal forever? ”
They are speechless. Takuma said he doesn’t mind Shun going outside, it’s not important, but he wonder will he change. Shun promised he will never change and he’ll always be the Shun they know.The friendship of these guys are just soooo sweet!! This’s what we called “YOUTH” !!

Takuma’s father has been spending money on women and he owed a lot of money. His mum left them and his father has been working hard day and night to clear his debt. Takuma was very sad to see this but he does not know what to to. One day, when he went back to his house with the other four, once he opened the door.. he saw his father committing suicide… hanging on himself in front of him…. 😥

The other four was shocked too… They spent one night accompanying Takuma.

The next day was the entrance exam for Shun, Takuma asked him to go back but he said no, he said as long as he’s alive, there’s a way out.. and his word made Takuma cried, the other four cried too..
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
This group of people, they laugh together and cry together.


The next day, Shun overslept and he decided to give up his exam. Actually he found out that Miku has been doing indecent part time job and he was actually quite disappointed.

Chu flares up when he heard Shun said he’s giving up. Haru said Shun’s their only hope, they hope he will go for the exam. Once again, i’m so touched by their friendship.

Chu then send Shun Aoyama University for the exam, although Shun failed for the exam, but he has tried his best. And finally it’s their high school graduation. All except Chu who was expelled got their graduation certification. Chu was waiting for them outside, and Chu looks so lonely… but, they stole one cert for Chu….. so sweet, but of course it’s not something good to follow.. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

Takuma decided to go to California. He got enough money from his dad’s insurance.
Before he left, he told them he has wrote something for them, he asked them to go and check it at the tunnel down there.

Takuma then bid farewell to the other four. Look at his “baggage”, it’s present from Haru *LOL*

And this’s what Takuma left for them.
“Life is hard だけど Happy”
(Life is hard, dakedo happy = Life is hard BUT happy)
YEAH !!!! I like this phrase!!!

I know i have been writing long 😳
And i took very little time, in less than 3 hours to write this, because the story is just too interesting and everything is still fresh in my mind :p
Thanks for those who read till the end ウィンク
Oh yeah, i forgot to mention one very amusing part in this movie…..
They took off their pants and “danced” to the public, one of their foolish actions *LOL*

Yeah, this movie is really very funny and interesting.
The only thing i dun like is, they use still image instead of those moving one when Shun is narrating. I thought my DVD is spoilt…. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
This DVD comes with 30minutes of making too, but the making is not very well done. Honestly a bit boring because they dun record their voice, in fact put in a lot of “telop” (subtitles) to replace their voice… 🙁 Anyway, it’s very interesting to watch!! And i think the story of the bond between the five friends resembles Arashi’s friendship too! 🙂

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2 Comments on “PIKA☆NCHI LIFE IS HARD dakedo HAPPY (ピカ☆ンチ)”

  • cool1412
    19 2月, 2012, 21:19

    Aww. I’ve seen this movie and I actually liked Pikan**chi Double: Life is hard DAKARA happy better since the moral was so upfront and dramatic and a more proactive plot than the normalcies of every day, but reading your summary of it and pointing out the beauty in every thing makes it so, well, beautiful. I have the DVD but I haven’t seen it in, like, 4 years. So I should watch it again 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    Awww~ i am going to find time to watch Pikanchi Double and blog it :p
    If i dun blog it straight away after watching, i’ll lose the “feeling” of writing *LOL*
    thanks for your coments, i dun put in much of my opinions, more to relaying the story, glad to hear ppl enjoy reading it 🙂
    wow… 4yrs.. you should take it out and revise one more time ^^

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