Trip to Karakaze (辛風) (Arashi no Shukudai Kun 2010.03.15)

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Went to Korean Restaurant Karakaze (辛風) which was introduced in Shukudaikun on 2010.03.15.
Well, Arashi didnt go there personally but still feel so happy to eat the same food that they ate before *LOL*

There are pictures of Shukudaikun in front of the restaurant.
Sho’s big “poster” welcomed us as we’re heading to the place 😀

Photos of screen captures of the Shukudaikun in front of the restaurant.

Of course, we ordered the same menu, “Sam-gyeopssal” (pork) soaked in wine.

As shown in tv:

And our order 😀
We ordered extra “chijimi” too うれしい顔 I love “chijimi” ~

See the way they ate !!

I understand why Sho ate like this!! *LOL*
Yeah, i found myself eating in such a way too *LOL*

Everything seems so delicious when it’s inside their mouth わーい (嬉しい顔)

Frankly, i just find the taste “so-so” only あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
There’s one korean dining that i love it sooooooo much and of all the korean restaurants that i’ve been to, including this and the Yasai Mura introduced in Himitsu no Arashi Chan, i still find that none can beat the korean dining which i love it so much, just feel like introducing it to them!! I bet they’ll love it!!! 😀 I wanna go with Sho-chan~~~~ 黒ハート 😳
Anyway, i still feel happy that i can taste the food that they ate it before~~heeeheeehee

Link to the restaurant : Karakaze

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