Honey and Clover (ハチミツとクローバー)

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Suddenly feel like watching Honey and Clover especially I’ve been listening to his Sho Beat back to 2005 again recently. He was talking happily on his shooting on this movie.

Honey and Clover is a japanese manga featuring five college students and their love triangle. It was made into anime and first time as movie. Takemoto, played by Sho falls in love with Hanamoto Hagumi at first sight. Takemoto was shy and he hides his feelings to Hagumi, and when he learnt that Hagumi likes another of his college friend Morita, he decided to give up. Morita expressed himself to Hagumi in a “harsh” way and Hagumi was frightened by it, and she became restless. Takemoto was sad to see this and he approached Morita, asking him to settle the problem between him and Hagumi. Takemoto has been trying to support Hagumi whenever he cans. Another two main characters are Yamada and Mayama. Yamada likes Mayama but Mayama has no feelings towards her, he likes another woman at his part time company.

This movie talks about love which are unfounded. It doesnt end with the birth of a new couple. It reflects totally what is the so-called “youth”. I just feel like going back to those college days and live my youth to the fullest after watching this.

I like to see Sho sweating.. 😳
Oh no.. he looks so cute in this scene showing Takemoto taking a rest after his part time job.

Another scene which i like is when five of them went out to the sea. They were playing so much and their car spoilt and they gotta spend one day at the ryokan (resthouse hotel). It is really youthful days!! まさに青春!!Takemoto tried to confess on his feelings to Hagu, but he has no chance. The next morning, when he woke up, he saw Morita and Hagu was not in their bed,, he went out and saw Morita confessing to Hagu… 😥

Oh yeah.. There’s Sho’s bath scene too 😳
Well.. it’s “nothing” compared to “Kiiroi Namida”, you can only see the face *LOL* 😀

Another favourite scene was Takemoto was trying to find answer to himself, he keep on cycling and cycling, and he cycled to the sea where five of them went there together. He looked at the sea and he cried. He felt that’s the end of his youth…

I like Sho’s outfit in this movie.
yeah…………. it’s only tshirt/parka with short pants. I like him with short pants.. which shows his legs… Kya… dun scold me “hentai”…. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

If you buy the first edition, it comes with two discs, one with the making and interview, and movie launching events.

I love makings!
Here are some shots in the making. Hmm….. i think this making is not very well done.. not much of his shot.. >< But they include some talking among the casts which i like it very much 🙂

Ohh… see how cute Sho is !!!!黒ハート

This movie was taken on 2005, but it was launched on 2006. Sho was a bit “chubby” on 2006, he appeared in those chubby and curly hairstyle look in those press conference わーい (嬉しい顔)

Another best part of the extra DVD is you can see private shots taken by another actress, the one who acted as Yamada. I love private shots 冷や汗 (顔)

I think my reviews is not enough, i wrote too briefly on the story *LOL*
I just wanna share the pics 😳

Available at Amazon

This is the normal version without the extra DVD, the first edition has sold out, you still can get it at auctions or Amazon for second hand one, and it’s not expensive. You can contact me if you’re interested.

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6 Comments on “Honey and Clover (ハチミツとクローバー)”

  • Pauline
    24 4月, 2012, 7:23

    Hi ! I just wanted to say that i love your site and all of your reviews. I specifically like all the nice things you say about Sho (it makes love him even more !) Have you read the Honey and Clover manga ? Takemoto is my favorite manga character ever, his love for Hagu-chan is sooo pure, it’s really heartbreaking. So…seeing Sho as Takemoto…it’s too beautiful for words…lol. I like seeing Sho’s legs in this movie too 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks for your comments 🙂
    really happy, coz i don’t think i write well, normally i feel tired after writing half way.. so i end up making it short *LOL*
    so… u’re same as me, “hentai” ? joking hehehhee
    i like to see his legs and his muscle arms heeheehee
    i didnt read the manga, maybe i should try and search for it!

  • Pauline
    25 4月, 2012, 6:40

    What i enjoy the most is that reading you is like reading my own thoughts…i feel
    understood …lol. And i think you should write the review about “Yokoi no mikata”. This is my favorite Sho’s drama. It’s so cute and nice…but it seems a little underrated.

    Well, i guess i’m “hentai” too… but only for Sho’s legs and muscle arms 🙂

    But what i like the most are his teeth and his cheeks that makes his smile so beautiful !

    (I don’t know what i end up talking about his body :$ )

    rei125 Reply:

    Yoi no Mikata is in my draft!!! i stopped writing half way actually…. wow!! we love the same drama!! Hi5!!!!
    The first part my eyes goes to when looking at a guy is his legs.. *shy* but ever since i like Sho, i began to look at the arms too… heeeheeeheee
    I’m very envious of Aiba’s leg, much beautiful than female’s leg!! hahaha

  • Pauline
    26 4月, 2012, 5:12

    I’m envious too…i think everyone in Arashi has more beautiful and feminine legs than i have! lol

    rei125 Reply:

    totally agree!! lol

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