Otonoha Vol.98 2012/02/10

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Otonoha heals my heart!!!!
Feeling so down today but his otonoha brightens up my day黒ハート
Talking a bit on his parents again~~ 😀
Everytime when i read on his Otonoha, the picture of him keying every words with the handphone keeps popping up in my mind. Imagining how much time he took to key in such a long story everytime. Well, i admit i dun really read other Johnnys diary much, but of all those that i’ve read before, just feel that he’s always the most sincere one~ 愛屋及烏? 😀 ENJOY~


It’s me.

Kagayama Again, now.

It’s rare to act again the same character which you’ve already done it in drama.
I’m working on it everyday now with the feeling of joy.

I played bowling…

I played karate stick…


And a lot of et cetera.

I’m enjoying being as Kageyama.

You will have a chance to see a lot of Kageyama’s private life which is not shown in the drama.

I’ll be very happy if you could look forward to it.


25th last month.


It’s my birthday.

I received a lot of birthday wish mail from a lot of people.

Around noon…

My parents mailed me.

It’s a lyrics of a song.

The last sentence was
> it’s great to be thirty.

So simple..

The song is…

It’s fun to be 20.

It’s great to be 30.

It’s … to be 40

It’s … to be 50.

Something like that.

Just like jeans, it gets more valuable when time passed by, i believe there’ll be more shining future waiting out there.
…. The lyrics is roughly like that.


It’s just 2 sentences.


I was really touched by it…

I feel like sending this message to my children next time too.
(Sensei !! This guy, he sure cant wait and send this message to his child when he’s 10yrs old!!!)


Ooops.. you’ve seen through me…


It has been announced on the morning of the birthday.

This’s going to crank in soon too.

It’s a movie on war, and i’ve been going through all the notes everyday.

My first drama TBS’s drama, as a student.

Time files…

And now i’ll be playing a teacher here for TBS, i feel so happy.


I’m firing up!

Sakurai Sho

The lyrics that Sho’s parent sent him was a song from a Japanese singer Takeuchi Mariya, title “人生の扉” (Jinsei no Tobira = Door of the life)
I’m putting on and translating the lyrics, coz the lyrics were just too beautiful…(scroll down for it)

Takeuchi Mariya “Door of the Life” (人生の扉)

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6 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.98 2012/02/10”

  • nik
    11 2月, 2012, 0:08

    thanx for sharing~
    listening to the song~
    its really nice~

    rei125 Reply:

    the lyrics are a bit sad T_T
    but very nice lyrics~
    his parents are so nice~

  • s3mp0i
    11 2月, 2012, 2:18

    his otonoha brighten my day..i mean the ‘translated’ version..haha
    and it sure great to be 30! he must be good in keying d words since he always has a lot of things to share with his fan..thank u for sharing as always =)

    rei125 Reply:

    he really use his “heart” to write to fans, it’s very troublesome to key in japanese in handphone, takes a lot of time, but he’s still continuing updating us with things around him.. oh… i like him so much (*^^*)

  • therrygene
    11 2月, 2012, 10:54

    thank you for translating again. 🙂 his parents are so nice. i am touched by his parents mail.. i’m sure sho-chan will also be a good dad for his children. 🙂 

    rei125 Reply:

    he definitely will 🙂 *daydreaming*

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