Trip to Yasai Mura and Banchan Ramen (Himitsu no Arashi Chan 2011.12.15)

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Yesterday, i went to the Korean Restaurant Yasaimura and Ramen House Banchan Ramen, both two locations that Sho and Nino went in Himitsu no Arashi Chan 2011.12.15 ! The Yamataro Combi with Tabe Mikako who is also the lead actress in Yamataro 手 (チョキ) Nino fans, get ready!! There’ll be too many unaired episodes on Nino which i’m going to write today!! Source from Banchan, the owner of Banchan Ramen 😀

This location was first taken in Yasai Mura which is in Akasaka.
This is not the first time Arashi went there, they went there before in previous HNA outings too.
Sho said it’s very delicious.

Alright, they entered the restaurant.

So, i’m going to take a picture in front of the restaurant too 😳 YEAHH!!! 手 (チョキ)

When we get into the restaurant, sidedish is already there waiting for us~
It’s quite a famous Korean dining place and very hard to get in if you don’t make reservation.
We ordered the same dish that Sho and Nino ordered, the 3500yen set of “sam-gyeopssal” (korean yakiniku = korean bbq), and it comes with a big plate of vegetables as seen on tv 🙂
Sho mentioned that basil is very very umee, so we asked the waiters which is basil *LOL*

We happened to sit at the seat next to the one Sho & Nino sat 😀

When the customers beside us left, we quickly took picture of the seat あっかんべー

Sho enjoyed his meat with basil. The basil is the small leaves he hold in his hand.
I like basil sauce, so i enjoy eating the meat with basil leaves too.
Yeah, it’s umeeee!

They then left Yasai Mura and went to a Ramen House “Banchan Ramen”.

OK, of course, stopping here to take picture of it! :p
It looks quite old, and if not of the tv appearance, i guess most people wont step in without any ppl’s recommendation.

There’re no other customers in the shop when we stepped in, so we took the photos of the counter seat where Sho & Nino sat down 😀

We just had our korean food, and frankly too full to have any ramen, but my friend insisted in getting into the ramen shop, so we gotta order ramen to eat.
The same menu that Sho & Nino ate, plum ramen.

I dun like plum, but this ramen was quite delicious, a lot of stars came here to eat too.

The owner then start talking about Arashi.
He likes Nino very much, he told Nino that he’s a very good actor, and Nino was very happy.
When the shooting has finished and everyone has left the shop, Nino walked in again and hold his hands tightly and said thank you. Nino then asked his permission to let them stand in front of the shop to make announcement. At first, the announcement was supposed to be made inside the limousine car, but Nino made his own decision to take it in front of the shop. The owner said he know’s Nino’s good intention, to let more people know his shop, so that more customers will come. He said he was very surprised that it’s the big star Nino who came in and pleaded him himself, and not the staffs. The owner said he declined because his shop is not that “good looking” but Nino said never mind, then Nino shouted to Sho and said “翔ちゃん、大丈夫だよね?” (Sho-chan, daijyobu right?) and Sho answer “いいよ!! (IIyo = ok!)
Nino then appologized to him and said he might cause trouble to him after this episode is being on aired, coz many fans will come and take photos maybe outside his shop, so he appologized in advance. Then he said he will come again before it’s on aired. And a few days after the location, Nino phoned him and said they (Arashi) were passing by there and if he’s around he’ll dropped in to say hello. Nino then dropped in and went in quickly and passed him a present, it’s the sticker of “Himitsu no Arashi Chan”.
Nino is really very very yasashii~~~~

This one is the one i had it with me, the one that Nino gave to the owner too, it’s 20pcs in a box.

And from the owner’s information, Nino finished all the ramen and drank all the soup.
If you know Nino, yeah, it’s very rare to him to finish the whole ramen in a location, he eats very little.
Nino and the owner talked on baseball, the owner has a ball signed by Ichiro (pro baseball player in Japan) and he showed it to Nino, and Nino was very impressed.

As for Sho, the owner said Sho’s very knowledgable, when the owner talked on Takarazuka (musical in Japan), Sho knows a lot about it and other topics too, every topics he talk, Sho knows about it and he really think that this guy is very clever.

Oh yeah, besides ramen, they ate gyouza too, but it’s not aired.
Normally japanese eat gyouza with soya sauce (gyouza sauce), but the owner recommend them eating it with salt + vinegar, He said Sho was shouting fantastic when eating 😀
Then Sho said he wants to tell Aiba-chan about it わーい (嬉しい顔) (Aiba’s parents own a chinese restaurant)

Here’s the shot where they make announcement outside Banchan Ramen.

Lastly, Tabe Mikako’s signature~
Too bad, Sho & Nino did not sign あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

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  • s3mp0i
    7 2月, 2012, 2:41

    nino-kun is so yasashi..makes me love him more..aww..
    eventhough he have this image of brat boy on tv, he is yasashi actually..need to give him a hug..=)
    thank u for sharing as always..and i hope i can tag along with u to go to d restaurant..huhu 

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, nino always appear as not very concern abt things or ppl beside him,but in fact he’s always the one who observe situation and people ard him, and cares abt them so much. he is really very very yasashii…. ohhh nino~~~

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