Aiba in Hatori’s Morning Bird 2011.01.26

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Aiba appeared as guest in Hatori’s Morning Bird, a very enjoyable talk.
Aiba-chan, kawaii!! He looks more and more kakkoii and yasashi~ You can feel the “優しさ” (yasashi) in his talk.

They were having interviews late at night, and when Aiba saw Hatori he said Hatori is not a morning bird anymore (they use to meet Hatori early in the morning), he showed a “bird” sign but Hatori said it’s wrong 😀

They then sat down and started their conversation.
Hatori asked whether he has any rest day recently, he said it was during new year. He said this new year was very special because his brother’s baby was born, and his cousin’s baby was born too. Aiba mentioned this in his new year email to fans, he said he was busy baby-sitting the whole new year 😀
Aiba said all the relatives will gather together during new year and he always enjoy these kind of family events. Hatori asked is it once a year, he said around 2 or 3 times a year. He said all his family and relatives are all in Chiba except him who moved to Tokyo. Aiba mentioned that Hatori met all his family members before, including his grandpa & grandma 😀 Hatori said, yeah, except his bro’s little baby *LOL*

They then started their interview with very typical opening, ie the history of Aiba in JE.
It shows very precious Aiba’s video, when he was 15 years old. He acted in one movie and when he turned up for the movie roadshow event ? fans were screaming. He was very cute, he said “Did you enjoy the movie? I hope you can watch this not only once but 2 or 3 times” *LOL*

They then proceed to the story of Arashi’s debut.
Well, the same story again, it was during Secondary 2 when he received a call from Johnnys asking if he has a passport. He said he has and he was asked to go to Hawaii 3 days later, and before he realize what’s going on, he, together with the other four were announced as new group Arashi. Aiba said if he did not have passport that time, he would not be one of Arashi today. He said maybe he’s not the first choice of Johnnys, maybe Johnnys has phoned other juniors but they did not have passport, so he was called. He still dare not ask Johnnys about it till now.

Aiba then talked about their work with Hatori, their first variety “Mayonaka no Arashi”.
He said five of them cant speak well, they dunno what to talk during variety, they were asked to join alot of senpai to learn now to talk but they still didnt improve. His benefactor is Shimura Ken who taught him how to voice out his opinion, how to host a variety. He fall asleep on Shimura Ken’s thigh when he was drunk, on the first day he met him… 😳 But since then they had been in very good relation and Aiba has always respect him.

Then they talked about Aiba’s trip to taiwan to promote his narration movie “日本列島 いきものたちの物語” (Nihon Retto Ikimonotachi no Monogatari). Aiba said he, together with Nino and Jun were recording for their radio the night before he is going to Taiwan. He was so scared because the last time when he went together with Arashi members they were very welcomed by a lot of fans, so he was scared that this time there wont be anyone waiting for him coz he’ll be going alone. So he told Jun and Nino, don’t mention anything or ask him about his Taiwan trip when he comes back. Aiba-chan, you’re sooooo cute!! わーい (嬉しい顔) But he was so surprised to see so many people waiting at the airport, and he felt extra happy.

Hatori asked him, did you tell them (referring to Jun & Nino) about this, Aiba said he told them straight away after he’s back *LOL*

When asked to describe member as animal, here’s his answer.
Sho: Bambi (front teeth.. cute.. 猫2)
Jun : leopard (FEMALE!!!)
Nino : arrogant zebra?? (he said but Nino’s not arrogant *LOL*)
Ohno : little bear
Aibachan, the answer is not the same as the one you gave in Taiwan~~~ 冷や汗 (顔)

The documentary movie which Aiba works as narration will be on roadshow 2012/02/04.
It’s a documentary about natural wild animals.

Hatori and the other announcer were talking about Aiba in the studio.
Hatori said Aiba’s family are all very warm, very yasashi, and so naturally he becomes such a guy too. The other announcer said all Arashi members are really very sweet and yasashi, they look just like normal little guys out there, although they’re now very popular, but they’re still the same. They can be so famous because of their personality. YEAH !!!

p/s: most pics were grabbed online.

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4 Comments on “Aiba in Hatori’s Morning Bird 2011.01.26”

  • PP
    30 1月, 2012, 15:17

    Dear Rei,

    So happy that you translate this Aiba’s TV program. It makes me a lot of smile and feel relax in this busy n so tried period la. Billion Billion arigatuo naka !!! Always support Arashi and you ^^

    Ps. Could you please tell me the meaning of yasashi in english? and I also see you post about Aiba’s family restaurant.. So lovely shop and wanna go a lot

    rei125 Reply:

    ah, yasashi=kind
    i also wanna go to the restaurant ^___^

  • therrygene
    30 1月, 2012, 20:45

    i really love it when people say that even though arashi is such a popular group, the members are just like normal guys. i really love it. <3
    thanks for this again. 

    rei125 Reply:

    me too me too! ^5!

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