Nazodi SP Drama & Sho Birthday Celebration

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“Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode” SP is going to be aired on 27 March.
We’re going to see Kageyama again in another 2 months!
Today they started shooting and the location this time is at Okinawa.
The drama team celebrated Sho’s birthday for himバースデー

Kitagawa Keiko gave him tshirt, she said she hopes to see another kakkoii Sakurai Sho.
Sho was just smiling, looking a bit embarassed and said “Doumo Arigato” 😳

When asked, what he want most for his birthday present, he said he want a butler (i dunno if this’s the correct english, Kageyama’s occupation). He said his room now is surprisingly very messy now, and he hopes someone can help him tidy it up.
Sho-chan, i volunteer to do so!!!! わーい (嬉しい顔)

When asked did he receive any birthday wish from members, he said the members mailed him wishing him happy birthday but Aiba’s mail is a bit too “solemn” or “heavy”. Aiba said “Thank you Sho’s mama for giving birth to Sho” *LOL* Funny Aiba !! 😀

Nazodi SP will be shooted at Okinawa, when asked how did he feel about it, he said, “hmm.. i cant possibily in my swimming trunk too, i guess i’ll still be wearing like that *LOL* but yeah, i finally can get outside, SEA!! SKY!! and i feel very high”

Sho will be making appearance in two SP drama, nazodi SP which will be aired on 27 March and another which is going to be aired on early April. Hmmm… just hope that he don’t get sick because of overwork..
Sho-chan, take care and ganbatte!

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