Ura Arashi Special Photo Message by Aiba, Jun, Nino, Ohno, Sho

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I was wondering why there’s no Ura Arashi for Fukuoka Final 1/25 and i received a notice that there’s this special message from five of them! Everyone uploaded a photo they took during BW concert, and wrote a message looking back on the past 6 months.
Sorry, i know i still have some Ura Arashi which i have not translate them, but i would like to put up this one first 手 (チョキ)

Aiba Masaki

This is the big bathtub at Sapporo Domedouble exclamation
Well, i have a lot of memories in this bathtub every year 😀

Thank you for all who attended our Beautiful World, to those who wanted to attend our Beautiful World.
Thank you very much.

It is a tour which made us think a lot.
I’m grateful that we can hold concert, and grateful that i can stand on the stage healthily.

From the first day in Osaka, where i just can put on my costume properly….
My left “chikubi” was full opened… 😀
And Sho-chan’s birthday celebration on the last day. 😀
It was really a very fun concert.
Thank you everyone.

May everywhere is a beautiful world.

Aiba really loves big bathtub where all can get in together!!

Matsumoto Jun

This is the picture taken before the Nagoya live starts, inside gakuya (^o^)
We put our hands together, the time when we try to start our engine!

Beautiful World
All rounds has finished!
The tour started in July, it was a long tour but it was very fun and very “saikou” concert(^o^)

This time, we had to change our concert in Tokyo Dome to Waku Waku Charity School Event, concert in Kokuritsu was posponed, there were too many happenings….but….
We’re grateful that we can hold our concert till the end.
Thank you for those who attended!
I received a lot of power and courage from all of you.
I hope all of you are the same too…

Beautiful World has ended but i hope everyone of you have your own beautiful world.
Try to realize and find the love and hope around you, those small little happiness…

Five of us will continue singing, so please listen to us.
And, let’s create another happy concert again!

Thank you !!!
WOW!!! Can you guess which member’s hands are those?? 冷や汗 (顔) Besides the one with a ring which i’m pretty sure is Jun’s, i’m not sure of the others because i cant see their fingers clearlyわーい (嬉しい顔) I should be able to guess Sho’s fingers if i can see the thumbわーい (嬉しい顔) and also Satoshi’s nails? *LOL* Nino’s nail should be “shorter” compared to others, so i’ve tried to guess as in the picture! Not responsible for any wrong guess! *LOL*

Ninomiya Kazunari

This is Osaka desuyo.
And when mentioning Osaka,
yeah.. it reminds me of the setting which is very profesional (LOL)

This setting!!!
I’m glad I’m arashi 黒ハート

All the rounds for live concert has end, and i’m at home now.
As usual, i’m spending my off day.


It has ended…

That’s what i have been thinking.

I have been idling since daytime, together with the feeling “YEAH,i’ve done it” (LOL)

Yesterday was the last day of our tour.
Otsukaresama deshita m(___)m

To those who attended our tour,
To those who could not make it but still support us.

Thank you so much.

I came back home straight after yesterday’s tour and i was thinking, maybe i should go back to my old house (meaning his parents place), so i tried to contact my home.

But no one answer my phone.

So i was thinking, maybe i should go for a hair cut.

But looks like it was the off day for the salon.

So, i end up staying at home.

And spend my off day as usual! (T_T)

Well, that’s me.. but i still hope we can meet each other in this year’s concert.

Alright, that’s it.
I’ll try to find something to do at home (LOL)

Nino!!!! cant stop laughing at his mail!! 😀

Ohno Satoshi

Since Kokuritsu is an outdoor stadium, we hang this in our gakuya.

And, ARASHI LIVE TOUR “Beautiful World” Otsukaresamadeshitadouble exclamation Thank you for those who attendedぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい) The live which started last summer, it was a very tough year for a lot of people, but we perform with a feeling, hoping everyone will be genki, everyone will be smiling and stop worryingexclamation We will try our best too so that 2012 is a year full of smiles指でOK Once again, yoroshiku too this year 手 (チョキ) Let’s meet again in near futuredouble exclamation Arashi is still the same this year, so don’t worry手 (パー) 😀 Yeah 手 (チョキ)

This thing that they hang inside gakuya is called “Teru teru bouzu” , to pray for sunny weather. Aiba mentioned that he has been making and hanging a lot before concert starts, as you all have know, it’s typhoon season in last year’s Kokuritsu Concert, quite a heavy one that they need to postpone the concert and it was raining both 2 days..

Sakurai Sho

It’s me. Skaurai desu.

Arashi Live tour
【Beautiful World】

All round has ended.

The long tour which started in July last year.

To those who attended.

To those who couldn’t make it and yet paying attention to us.


To everyone of you.
Thank you very much.

I’m responsible for the photo for the last day (1/15) .

It’s the photo taken just before the concert start.

The backstage of the set.

When we went to the backstage, ready to start our engine for the concert, we saw this thing.

The staffs get ready for us after our rehersal that day, in just a few hours, they made us this.

It was so happy.

Dewa dewa.


Sakurai Sho

If only i can be one of the staffs… 😳
All the staffs must have love them very much too, the way they always give five of the surprise, just like during their 10th anniversary~
Sho must be very busy today, after the update of long long cinderella boy story for Otonoha, he updated this Ura Arashi on the same day too.

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    25 1月, 2012, 23:05

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    thanks for translating. <3

    what did the staffs do in their 10th anniversary concert?

    rei125 Reply:

    they made one very long banner for Arashi, they hang the banner at the ending of the concert as a surprise to them, sho said he felt very touch the moment he saw the banner~
    but the staffs did the same thing again in last year Scene concert final at Fukuoka~
    i wanna be one of the staffs too~~ heeheee

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