Otonoha Vol.97 2012/01/20

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Story of Cinderella Boy tonight!!!! 黒ハート
He talked on the birthday celebration at Fukuoka!

Title = Adult’s stairs


It’s me.
Sakurai desu.

5 days later will be “My birthday”.

The staffs from regular variety.

The staffs from magazine publishers.


There’s many chance that i had a celebration from them.

In the midst of that,

During final day concert@Fukuoka.

Arashi members gave me a surprise celebration during the MC talk.

My 2010 Solo

Four of them sang it. what a reckless action.

Plus, they did not only sang it along with the music…

But also played one special DVD

Which means.

A lot of staffs were involved in the performance.

It was a very funny one that i laughed until i feel stomachache.

And i feel as if my abdominal muscle is broken for laughing too much.
(If that’s the case, it’s going to be a “windfall”)


Maybe it’s a bit hard to discover or realize because we have been too much together.


When it comes to “real serious fooling”, they’re very good at it.

It’s really so real. ←he’s referring to the police in mini skirt cosplay ne

It’s first time in Arashi’s concert.

Well, it’s the second time if you include my own solo concert.
(And both happened in Fukuoka)

I was very happy and yet feeling embarassed.

Thank you for much for all of your cooperation.


I’m turning 30 soon.

Climbing the stairs of adult, i’m still a cinderella boy
↑ this is a lyrics from a japanese song, he just changed the last part to “cinderella boy” *LOL*

I feel like it’s “FINALLY” coming!

But anyway, i feel like a new start, and i wanna learn a lot of new things.
(Well, this’s my feeling today, it might change tommorow)

Dewa, dewa.

Good bye 20th.

Sorry to keep you waiting 30th.

Sakurai Sho

Random shot today: one of my favourite Shiyagare episode!!
He enjoyed himself that day, as mentioned in previous Otonoha~ 目がハート (顔)

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2 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.97 2012/01/20”

  • miku-amnos
    21 1月, 2012, 23:38

    Hi! It’s first time that i read your blog! Nice to meet you!
    Thanks for original nikki . XD
    Shochan BD is very close right now.
    but i dont think he is 30 years old! 
    he looks great ! 

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you for your comments 🙂
    very happy to see new readers here~
    yeah!! still 3 days and this guy will be 30 yrs old, but agree, he doesnt look like a 30yr old guy!! heeheee
    even when i watched back those old dramas, when he was around 20 or 21, and compared it to how he looks now, it is not much different!!! envious~ *LOL*

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