Lucky Shot Part 1 2012/01/16

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Lucky shot is short photo diary written by Jun on every Monday before drama “Lucky Seven” is on air. It is similar to Sho’s “Before Dinner”.
This is the first episode.

This is the shot for the first time.

The logo at the entrance at Lucky Detective.

When i reached and saw the logo at the entrance, i like it at once!! I like this type of design too, as if the eyes are looking straight at you!!

Besides the door, there are many logos in other part of the office too, do watch carefully and check it out (^-^)/

Besides the logo, there are many items in the “set” (meaning drama shooting location) which has good meaning, can you find it ? ← he must be saying that items which symbolize lucky?

Finally, Lucy Seven is going to be aired starting today !!
It is a very interesting drama, so do check it out!!!

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