The touching moments in BW Final Fukuoka 2012/01/15

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I’ve posted this in my facebook, so some of you maybe have read it there.
Here’s the story i heard from the fans who joined the BW final concert at Fukuoka. It is the last day of Beautiful World 11-12. They celebrated Sho’s birthday in a very sweet style!! A very heart-warming episode, a very touching story!!! 泣き顔

(1) Birthday wishes to Sho
During the “jyanken” for clothes changing (they split into 2 groups to change clothes during MC talk), the other four left Sho alone on the stage. Sho said he has nothing to promote about himself now, so he promote Jun’s drama. Just when he was talking half way, an emergency announcement was made. “Sakurai Sho, please go to the main stage immediately!”. Sho was kinda shocked and said “Nani nani..?” When he reached the main stage, a johnny’s junior in the style of “kageyama” appeared and gave him a notebook and asked him to read it out loudly what’s written inside. It’s…. message by the other four!!! 😀 Sho was so embarassed reading out the message to him himself!!

To Sho-chan, Happy birthday. It’s the first time where we celebrate your birthday on concert. Very happy to celebrate this day for you (SHO laughing). Shochan mama, thank you for giving birth to Sho-chan

When Aiba thanked sho’s mum for giving birth to Sho, Jun said “urm…. from what we know, Sho’s mum is not here today, right? Sho?” turning to Sho. Sho said “yeah, she said she’s going to the hair salon today” 😀

Otsukaresama for your last 20s!

『Dear 翔くん、Jr.の頃から数えると15年くらいですね。これからも知的で面白い翔君でいてね』
Dear Sho-kun, it has been 15 years since we know each other since juniours,stay as the inteligent and interesting Sho-kun always

(2) Surprise birthday celebration by the other four
After Sho finished reading the message, the monitor suddenly showed Taboo.
The other four made a video for him, named “Sho samurai happy birthday special T.A.B.O.O”, they played Sho as in the video in Kokuritsu last year (the black and white opening of Taboo). Jun was half naked just like Sho, Aiba drew muscle on his tummy and arm, Nino playing Nintendo half naked, Ohno sprayed mist water on his face and combed his fringe 😀

Here’s a picture image drawn by a fan who went for the concert. Picture grabbed from fan’s twitter.

Sho samurai happy birthday special T.A.B.O.O (picture grabbed online)

Sho was laughing non stop alone on the stage, looking at the video played on the monitor. The other four then appeared, wearing AMNO color coat. They performed in front of Sho. Just before the rap, they disappeared and get out during the rap, this time with cosplay!! Jun as police, the other three also as police but with mini-skirt!!! They rap and lied on the floor at the end of Taboo (Just like what Sho did in Kokuritsu last year) *LOL*
Then Nino stood up and shouted “Sho-chan!!” and the other three shouted “誕生日おめでとう!!(happy birthday)”
They gave this self made DVD to Sho, the cover of the DVD is half-naked Sho (with the heart shape mark to cover his “chikubi”.. *LOL*) and kiss mark from four of them.
Aiba said, you can kiss at any of the kiss mark anytime if you like. *LOL*
Sho said he laughed too much and feeling muscle pain and stomachache, he said he never realized that they’ve been preparing all these. Jun said the DVD videos were taken here in Fukuoka dome *LOL*

(3) Preparation for the surprise
The other four woke up at 9am today and went for rehersal for Sho’s birthday this morning without letting him know. Then when they’re back to hotel, they pretended to be very sleepy, but in fact they’ve already woke up early in the morning !! They said they have been planning this since Osaka concert.
Sho was so shocked to hear this “Uso, you all look so tired and sleepy” *LOL*
The birthday cake was out after that and they gave him present at this time.
メンバーの愛を感じるわ T.T

(4) Cake
Birthday cake with “Happy Birthday 櫻井翔” on it.

(5) Sho’s words
Jun asked Sho to say something.
Sho said
Etto, thank you so much. I have always wanted to become 30yrs old. I will keep trying on new chalenge. It has been 15years since i enter Johnnys, half of my life in Johnnys, i will continue spending my following days with Arashi , Yoroshiku onegaishimasu”

(6) Encores
They came out three times for encores !! (さすがオーラス・・いいな・・)
And they sang their new single “Wild at heart” today !!! The new single for Jun’s drama starting tomorrow.

(7) Nino’s greetings
I was thinking this when doing the mini skirt cosplay, Ah~ thi’s arashi, no doubt!

(8) Aiba’s greeting
In a situation where we’re not sure whether we can hold concert this year, my lungs got problem.. i swear that i must stand on the stage…

Bet Sho must be very happy tonight, it’s so happy and shiawase to know that he’s happy 黒ハート
Please… please…. please put this part in the DVD… 泣き顔

I will update when i have any new information ウィンク

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6 Comments on “The touching moments in BW Final Fukuoka 2012/01/15”

  • arasukishi
    16 1月, 2012, 0:21

    this is love!
    sho-san definitely deserves to have a blast on his 30th =
    work hard, party harder ::D

    thanks so much!

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah!! how i hope i can see him laughing happily on the stage~
    i love this bunch of guys so much~~~ :p

  • Hellen
    16 1月, 2012, 7:12

    Thanks (a lot!!) for this… it’s really beatiful to know Arashi’s moments. I’m from Mexico and, believe me, my feelings are impacted whit your post. Muchas gracias!! 😀

    rei125 Reply:

    i keep on thinking of the birthday episode whole day even though i didnt participate in the concert! it’s just tooo sweet!! and how i hope that they will put this in DVD !!

  • Daiana
    20 8月, 2012, 2:08

    I loved this report so much! I feel like if I’ve been there. Arashi never fails at making me smile, that was a nice surprise. Aiba-chan is such a sweet guy awww

    rei125 Reply:

    i’m so sorry for the late reply, i’ve been neglecting this fb :p
    they’re really a bunch of cute guys~

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