My Beautiful World Concert at Nagoya 2012/01/08

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Finally, i have managed to watch their Beautiful Concert at Nagoya Dome !!
Today i’m going to write a report on this, but sorry… i just cant remember much of it….あせあせ (飛び散る汗) Maybe it’s because i’m too excited or what, i dunno, so i’ll focus more on their MC talk~

Together with my self-made uchiwa and the cute penlight, i departed to Nagoya in red cardigan (OF COURSE! あっかんべー) And i put up a fur because Sho-chan said he likes girls with fur in one of the recent magazines, Non-No, if i am not wrong 😳 And i put on my Arashi ni Shiyagare badge and also the 10-11 Scene badge, sorry i don’t have a red one this time..

I was so lucky because my seat is the Arena which is just right in front of the center stage!! It’s the last row of the first block, the 15th row. And the most exciting part is, the moving stage will move past us !!!

Everyone hopes to get a seat in the Arena compared to the standing seat, yeah, it is nearer to the stage where you get to see them more clearly,but frankly unless it’s the seat in the center of the stage, or else it’s harder to see them compared to the standing seats if you’re at the side of Arena. And there’re no stairs in Arena which means if the one standing in front of you is tall, you cant see anything at all.. That happened to me… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) Although the seat itself is very good, but there are 2 fans standing in front of me who are very very tall, so i cant see them at all !!! I have to try to stand on my toes the whole concert.. looking left and right searching for any space not blocked by the heads… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) It’s rather disappointing but since it’s the seat under the moving stage, the stage will move past us when they move from the front main stage to the backstage, so i can get to see them very clear and very near when they’re approaching us!! 😀 And also during the time when they sit on those “truck” along the rails beside us. So despite being blocked by tall fans i guess i’m still the lucky one!! And i’m grateful!!! わーい (嬉しい顔)

Concert began at 4pm punctually, just when the clock strikes 4pm, five of them appeared in front of us !!
The song list were different from Kokuritsu, they sang some older songs like ”Furusato”, “Yes? No” (ohhhh my favorite song!!!) , Sunrise Nippon and the latest special song, “Energy Song” as encore.

Urm.. my memories are “messy”, so just allow me to write what’s in my mind without any order… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

During “Hadashi no Mirai”, Aiba-chan stood in front of my block. Danced the “Hadashi no Mirai” with Aiba-chan, it has always been my dream to dance this together with them!!!
リクツじゃなくてムチュウになってこんな気持ち嘘じゃない~ 疲れたままのココロを潤して走ろう~るんるん (音符)
Rikutsu jyanakute, Muchu ni natte, konnna kimochi uso jyanai~ Tsukaretamamano kokorowo uruoshite hashirou~

Most of the time, Sho was in in the center, until it’s nearly the end of the concert where Aiba came to the center most of the time, I saw Sho and Aiba mostly in this concert. Too bad, i cant see Nino much this time. But luckily he was in the center when they sang “Hatenai Sora” at the backstage. I can see them clearly when they’re at the backstage~

Here’s the MC talk on this day.
They were talking about the “Meikyu love song”. Nino said he saw Aiba holding on his legs after the dance, he asked him why. Aiba said during that dance, he was standing at a space which was quite narrow, he has no place to open his legs, so he accidentally kicked his right legs with his left legs.. 目 (Aiba-chan….) Aiba said he cant show it to the fans, but he can let Nino see it, so Nino peeped at his legs and said.. “Yeah,, it is a situation which cannot be shown..” Hmm…? Is it swollen…? あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Sho then said Jun made a mistake on the first day too, dancing in a different direction during this song, so they said “Meikyu love song” is a “trouble song” *LOL*

Sho then changed the topic.
He said they went to have yakiniku after concert yesterday. They always had chicken in Nagoya (Nagoya famous gourmet), so they decided to have beef this time. They ate till 11pm but he heard that Aiba slept only at 3am so he asked Aiba what was he doing. Aiba said he, together with Nino and Ohno drank again in his room after that. Nino was going to Aiba’s room, thinking of playing game with Aiba, and he bumped into Ohno, so he dragged Ohno together. Ohno said he was “forced” to join them 😀 NinoAi~~~黒ハート I can imagine the scene where Aiba and Nino playing games together~

Aiba said after Nino and Ohno went back, he made the same mistake again…………..
I forgot which concert was that, Aiba mentioned about being in-locked and he slept on the corridor, later waken up by Jun and getting a scold from him right? He did the same mistake again… 冷や汗2 (顔) Aiba said he did the same mistake as in Fukuoka last time but audience shouted it’s Nagoya too last time and he said “Kowai!!!” (Scary). Again, he woke up and get into the toilet and after that he opened his door and inlocked… he said this time he dare not sleep on the corridor again, fearing that he might get a scold from Junうれしい顔 So he walked along the corridor and saw one room, a catering room for Johnnys Junior, there’s a massage chair(or bed) there and he slept there……..!!! AIBA-CHAN !!!!! orz….. One of the juniors passed by and woke him up and helped him get his key and he’s back safe to his room… orz
Nino said why don’t you go to the front desk but he said he’s not wearing very nicely, and the others were teasing him if he only wears a underpants :p Then Nino said, there is a phone inside the catering room, he can just make a phone call and Aiba said, he was too tired to think properly. Jun then teased him and said, “No.. Aiba must be thinking that maybe he can talk on this again on the stage, so he purposely dun wanna make the call” *LOL*

They then split into 2 groups, Nino and Ohno getting change first, and Aiba, Sho, Jun talking on MC. They talked on Jun’s new drama “Lucky Seven” which will be on air on 16 January. Then after Nino and Ohno appeared, Sho, Aiba and Jun went in to get changed. Aiba asked Nino to help him promote his “Nihon Rettou” (日本列島) and Nino just simply say “Urm, Aiba is working on a documentary called Nihon Retto, that’s all” *LOL* Ohmiya talked on Kaibutsukun movie, Nino said he hasnt watch it. Sho who appeared after changing said he watched the 2D already but still no time for 3D.

That’s the end of MC talk, they continued with their songs.

There is one part where they have special dance, just like the special one during Scene 10-11, but this time it is a collaboration with CG too, i dunno how to describe, but it’s just very interesting !! Gotta check it out in DVD !!

The last greetings from them.

These message was roughly “translated” by japanese fans, it’s almost the same words or nuiance by them.
Fans are really sugoi… i cant remember anything at all… 泣き顔

Eh, minasan, thank you for today. There are so much tv programs on Arashi during the end of year and the beginning of year. After watching them on tv, how do you feel seeing the real Arashi ? Our face are unexpectedly small right? 2012, i hope we can create more beautiful world together. It’s just a beginning of 2012, but hope you can support Arashi this year too. Thank you for today. I enjoyed myself much.

I feel very happy that we can have concert in the beginning of 2012. I see a heart shape in every of your eyes.It’s very “shiawase”. Hope that 2012 will be a year full of smiles. May all of you and Arashi smile every of your days.

すっごい楽しかったです!! 毎年「必ず何かが起こる名古屋」ですね(笑) 凄く僕は楽しかったです。
沢山のBeautiful Worldが皆さんに訪れますように、沢山のBeautiful Worldが築けるようにと、そういう想いを込めやらせて頂きました。
I enjoyed myself very much!! There’s always something going to happen in Nagoya desune (LOL) But anyway i feel very happy. I hope everyone will have more beautiful world, more and more beautiful world going to be created this year.

非常に楽しかったです。 コンサートというのは楽しいですね!! 盛り上がって、凄く素敵です。 2012年・・5人でスタートできて、非常にいいスタートを切れたんじゃないかなと思います。まだ始まったばかりで、これからいろんなこと24時間も含め、個々の仕事もあるし・・・。是非ですね、嵐を出来る限り追ってみて下さい。もしも、皆さん一人一人の生活に支障が出るならば、そこは追わなくて結構でございます。ただ・・・こうやって一年に一回皆と逢えるチャンスがあるけど、逢えない時にこう・・・いろいろいろんな思い出を作っておくと本物を見た時に感動するんじゃないかなって。また楽しくコンサートやっていきたいと思います。
It’s really “tanoshikatta”. Yeah, concert is an enjoyable thing. We were very high. 2012, i think it has been a good start for us. Although it’s just a beginning, well, besides the 24 charity show, we also have our own solo activity, please “chase after” Arashi. But if this affect your private life, please don’t do so. We have the chance to meet once a year. Even if we cant meet, we can use this time to create a memory between us, so when the the next time we meet, it will be extra touching. Hope to perform in concert happily again next time.

凄い幸せな空気が流れてました。それぞれ俺らと関わったタイミングはバラバラで今日この会場にいるのもたまたまかもしれない。一人一人が楽しもう、って気持ちでここに来てくれ・・そうじゃない人もいるかもしれないけど・・幸せな空気が流れる場所になったなと思います。一緒に一つの空気を作り、同じ時間を過ごせた事それが僕自身のエネルギーになりました。これからも僕らと一緒に歩いていって欲しい。皆さんにとってこの世界がBeautiful Worldでありますように。一緒に歩いていけたらと思います
I feel so shiawase. Maybe all of you get to know us in different timing, but it’s happy that we can get together here and spend the shiawase time together. It has been an energy for me too. Hope that you can walk along with us too. May this world be a beautiful world for everyone of you.

Urm, there’s something which i dunno whether i should mention or not..
It’s my personal feeling, so just read it objectively..
Sho was mostly in the center and i could see him most of the time, i some sort have a feeling that he’s not very happy throughout the whole concert… 😥
I dunno what happened, or maybe it’s just my wrong instinct, but he was not smiling the whole night, of course he was shouting, rapping as usual, and sometimes “smile” as usual, but that’s not the real smile, he always make those silly action during concert and play his fool around but he was quite quiet the whole concert.. I feel kinda sad and worried.. As for the other members, i feel that although not as serious as Sho, but there’s something not “perfect”.. Wonder what happened, especially after hearing Nino’s greetings, he asked us to “chase after them” but in a way which does not affect our own private life, maybe some of the fans action has troubled them.. ? I heard that something happened at the concert at Osaka on 3rd and 4th, i dunno whether it’s true or not but some fans without the tickets tried to get into the Dome illegally and was caught by police.. Some even made big noise outside the Dome, maybe they feel bad that these happened because of them…?
Hmm.. i dunno, PLEASE, ALL ARE MY OWN SPECULATION, there are not FACTS, just wrote out my feelings…

Anyway, no matter what happened, they’ve tried to give us the best performance. That’s a true fact, i feel that the sound system inside Nagoya Dome is really bad… the music is too loud and cant hear their voice clearly and a lot of noise, but they tried their best to entertained us. Thank you!!!

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  • s3mp0i
    15 1月, 2012, 15:03

    thank u for sharing as usual..u r lucky to be able to see them in a closer range..i hope sho is ok (eventhough i’m not at d concert)..hmm..

    rei125 Reply:

    maybe he is ok afterall :p
    just my speculation ^^;

  • therrygene
    16 1月, 2012, 19:52

    Thank you for sharing your experience to us. *hugs* I wonder when can I watch their concert live. 

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