Ura Arashi BW Kokuritsu 9/4 – by Jun

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Ura Arashi for BW Kokuritsu Concert on 9/4 by Jun.
Wow, seldom see Jun writes so long, even in his “Enjoy”.

Matsumoto Jun

The concert on 4th, which was supposed to be held on the 2nd, but was postponed.. we had cause a lot of inconvenience to a lot of people, and i bet there must be a lot of people who couldn’t make it.
Really very sorry.
I would like to take this chance to appologize for it.

And, besides postponing the concert, i would like to thank everyone who joined us despite the bad weather.
It’s a party for this year’s summer and the final concer for this year.
We would like to make it a happy one but…

But anyway it deed turned out to be a very “saikou” and happy hoursぴかぴか (新しい)

Yappari Kokuritsu is special, it is very special to me too.
We wanted to turn our genki and power to positive energy and send it to everyone when we stood on the stage, and in Kokuritsu, we feel that we can do it, it’s a very shiawase time 🙂
We also received a lot of power and genki from everyone of youぴかぴか (新しい) Arigatou~ 🙂

For those who came, we hope you can spread the power to those who cant join us.

On the 4th, it rains again just before the concert start, we were thinking “What? 2 days continuously?” but luckily it stopped soon.

Minna, Thank you for accompanying us till the last ぴかぴか (新しい)

This tour will last till next year, but for the moment, it shall be a short rest from now.

I have gain the power to ganbarou again from tomorrowexclamation

Yoshi, I am going to prepare for my stageplay~2 (two)

Matsumoto Jun

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2 Comments on “Ura Arashi BW Kokuritsu 9/4 – by Jun”

  • therrygene
    16 1月, 2012, 20:03

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I read all the Ura Arashi. 🙂 By the way, I am curious about Ura Arashi? Do they post it online? or is it for FC members only?

    rei125 Reply:

    posted in Johnny’s web, which you need to pay monthly to access to it.
    havent translate al of them… ^^;

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