Ura Arashi BW Kokuritsu 9/3 – by Sho

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Ura Arashi by Sho.
From member’s diary, you can see the way they write yeah, Sho’s typical beginning of greetings, “Doumo, it’s me. Sakurai desu” and he will write the date and his name at the end of his words 🙂

Sakurai Sho


It’s me.
Sakurai desu.

9/3@Kokuritsu Kyougijyo


It has became a very sugoi concert..


The end of MC


Only this three timing, the sudden rain…

As if it’s a timing specially aranged.

Although it’s a heavy rain day,

We still can perform till the end, and i think it’s because of the support from everyone of you.

Please take care and don’t catch a cold.

Hearty thanks m(__)m

Sakurai Sho

9/5 Updated
in Kokuritsu Kasumigaseki Kyougijyo

I will never ever forget this day !!! The miracle which happened to me … 😥
I will never forget the way they sang 5×10 under the heavy rain in front of me 😥
Thank you for the sweet sweet memories !!!

I can never forget this face !!

5x10 under the rain

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