Ura Arashi BW Kyocera 7/24 – by Aiba

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For those who dunno what is Ura Arashi, Ura Arashi is Arashi’s short diary or message to the fans everytime during concert, mostly updated straight after concert. Some members posted it when they’re having dinner after concert, some after they went back to hotel. They take turns to update the diary.

The first Beautiful World 11-12 Concert was at Kyocera, Osaka. And the member to write the Ura Arashi is Aiba-chan!

Aiba Masaki

Kyocera Dome Osaka, Concert has started dayo~

The concert full of fun~ 🙂

We reached Osaka on 23 July, and the next day 24 July was the first day of the concert…

All these while i have never fail to do something in Osaka, but this time i forgot about it~

It’s so shocking…

I forgot to bake “takoyaki” dayo~

I ate it but i forgot to bake it…

I bought the plate to bake it and practised it for this time…


But never mind, we will be having concert in Osaka again in January next year, so i will bake it and show the other members my skill that time 🙂

Sorry to make you all worry about my illness last month!
I am totally genki now!

Well, the concert will last till next year, minasan, yoroshiku onegaishimau:)

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in Kyocera Dome Osaka

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