Otonoha Vol.96 2012/01/10

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His first otonoha in Year 2012!
Long mail from him, enjoy! (very hard to translate his passionate mail though…orz)

Title : 2012


It’s me.

Happy New Year (long ago..)
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(___)m


I bet you all have been very tired from the end of the year to the new year.
Even by simple calculation, it is more than 10 hours. ←He’s referring to all the Arashi tv programs during new year. Sho-chan, you all are more busier than us!
It must be very tough to watch too.
Thank you for accompanying us very much. m(___)m


My new year.

I thought of buying present for my parents, so i brought them out shopping.

It was a conversation in the car.

Parents :
Iya… it’s so good that we let you learn piano ne~

(Hmm… by the time i know how to think myself, i’ve already been playing piano, without my own desire)

That’s what i have been thinking in heart but of course i cant say it out..

Soudesune… Thank you for the investment in me!
But i never expect that my piano presentation after 20years is Kouhaku!!

Well, the conversation is something like that.



Yappari i feel ease when i can play while looking at the score.

“Hatenai Sora”

I had to play it when i havent really memorize it, so i felt a bit regretful.
I feel happy that i can play something which i have been practising for long.


I met those people who are in charge of repairing this piano on 27th night.
I think i have played with all the feelings and thought i feel from them in my song.
Thank you for letting me the chance to touch the piano and also broadcasting my performance.
Thank you so much.

The tone of the keyboard.
It is still in my heart now.

Dewa, dewa.

It will be so nice if i can still have the chance to perform with it again next time.

Well, i don’t think so, so, i will just play it as a hobby then!

OK, let’s fight like the dragon this year!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(___)m

Sakurai Sho

I love to see him playing piano, whether it’s the camp or the Kouhaku.
The photos below are the scene he played “Furusato” in Kouhaku.

Aw... his eyes and expression... ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ

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2 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.96 2012/01/10”

  • Nik
    11 1月, 2012, 23:39

    thanx for sharing~ it was fun reading~ if Sho’s not an artist he would be a great writer ne~ i really like his otonoha…especially when he talk about his family and of course food~ hehe ;P

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah yeah !! he can write very very good, urm, he knows how to entertain or amuse his readers, there are so much expression that he is using, but i just cant find the correct way to express it in english…. some expression only available in japanese… so…. >_< but glad that you enjoyed reading it! that's the biggest pleasure after a long hour translation *LOL*

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