Beautiful World Concert Nagoya Preparation

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It’s tomorrow!!!
YEAH !! And after daySSSS of hard work, i finally finished my uchiwa!
This’s the first time i made it myself, low sense and the balance is not very good, but still i’ve managed to finish it !! Now i’m going to pack my luggage and depart for Nagoya tomorrow! Planning to put on the Shiyagare badge~^^ For those who ordered the BW goods from me, please wait for my good news~~~

Anyone realized that the AMNOS color is the position of each member in Arashi ni shiyagare? *wink*

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16 Comments on “Beautiful World Concert Nagoya Preparation”

  • PP
    11 1月, 2012, 14:17

    Your Uchiwa is so cute la.. Lovely Arashi’s logo and alphabet style ^^ How’s about the concert at Nagoya? Wish you were happy and cheerful a lot and a lot ^^.. I just came back Hongkong Yesterday. So Good luck la that I saw and got the Non-no special cover on February. Hahaha

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you! it took me 3 days, 5 hrs a day to finish it! :p
    the concert was good, i will try to write on the MC talk later on.. too busy now orz..
    i like their pics in Non-no !!!! so lucky you~ if you can read japanese, the wordings and interview inside are very nice too!

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