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Minna !!! Have you all heard the news??? Sho will be playing piano on kouhaku stage !!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHH I was so nervous after hearing the news, as if i’m the one who’s going to play it!
It’s already very nervous seeing them hosting on the stage, let alone live piano!!
He’s going to play “Furusato” (>_<) , with Arashi singing along with it i guess. The piano was an old piano which was used in Fukushima Secondary school. They were using it on 311 which was also the graduation ceremony for the school but then 311 tragedy happened.. The piano was swayed away, destroyed, but after many months, those local people repaired it and finally after months of hard work, we can hear sound from the piano again. Sho will be using the piano to play "Furusato" on Kouhaku. FYI, they will change the "Furusato" lyrics again this year to match this year's theme.

Sho’s message:


The piano, which took around 6 months to be repaired, now there’re still a lot of scars on it.
BUT, somehow we could still hear very clear tone from it.
I will play “Furusato” with it, together with the thought of tuner,Mr. Endo and Fukushima’s children.

I’m taking this chance to put up all the shots on Sho playing piano~ ♪

Since a small kid..
He learnt piano and electronic organ when he was small. Think he has stop playing after working but last year, it crossed his mind that it’s a waste to forget how to play since he has been training hard when he was small, so he took piano lesson again and he has been attending lesson once a week.

2004 24th hour television
Anyone has this clip? 😥 i watched last time but i already forgot what he played….
He was helping one 13yrs old girl whose hands are handicap playing piano..

2003 How’s it going
Sho played the piano for the song “Blue” in How’s it going!!

2007 Yamada Tarou no Mono Gatari
Mimurakun~~~~ ♪

2011 Gasshuku

OOHHHHH one of my most favourite shot of him!!! Please go and read my Arashi’s Gasshuku at Yamanakako if you havent seen this DVD. I love the way he played 果てない空 (Hatenai Sora) in it!!!

2011 Waku Waku School
He played Chopin’s melody at the backstage for audience, without letting the audience knows that it’s Sakurai Sho playing the piano!!

Aflac commecial with Miyazaki Aoi.

This year, i cant stay by the tv to watch Kouhaku 😥
But my heart is always with you, Ganbatte Sho-chan !

rei: Sho-chan, ganbatte~
Sho: Ganbarima–su! *LOL*

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5 Comments on “Piano Sho”

  • s3mp0i
    29 12月, 2011, 0:14

    just heard it too..i love the moment he played piano in d arashi camp..really like it..at first, i didn’t catch what song that he played..then my sister suddenly said, “ah..it’s hatenai sora..daisuki desu..how come u didn’t know abt it?”..she knows it eventhough she’s not an arashian..*shame on me*..my heart will always with sho-chan too..huhu..i know he’s going to do well..ganbatte ne~ =)
    and thank u for sharing as always =)

    rei125 Reply:

    i love hatenai sora too, so i was soo happy to hear that during their camp
    ahh…. i m already looking forward to it… but i m very sure that i wont be able to “enjoy” it the first time… will be too nervous, need to watch 2 times at least! haha

  • PP
    30 12月, 2011, 0:52

    Really like the shot when he played piano in camp too!! Also, love Hatenai sora and Nino’s this drama ^___^ Wanna see Kohaku online a lot, Could you suggest me which the website I can watch?

    rei125 Reply:

    maybe you can try tudou? http://www.tudou.com it’s china’s youtube

  • PP
    30 12月, 2011, 1:00

    It’s great to hear the story of this piano that Sho is playing. This year, Kohaku’s theme is deeply impressed. Like the message of each member in spot ads is good !!

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