TOKIO x Arashi (Nagase x Nino)

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The second night for TOKIO x Arashi, and it’s Nagase x Nino tonight~
I’ve guessed correctly for both questions tonight too!!!
HAPPY ~~~~~~ ! heeeheeehee 😀
These questions are just too easy for Arashics? Hmm… can we have something new? ^^;

The first question, who’s the one who gets nervous easily most?

Nagase said it’s Taiichi, his hands are always sweating before concert begins.

As for Arashi, yeah, it’s Jun :p
Just like we know, Jun always cant stay still before concert begins, he’ll take deep breath, talking to himself, practising his dance, etc to keep himself “calm”.

The second question, who’s the one who’s weak at morning (can’t wake up early).
Alright, i guessed this correctly too 😀

It’s Jun again~
I remember very very very very long time ago in Utaban, they mentioned four of them have to wait for Jun whenever they need to gather at the morning, he just cant get up… :p And also in a concert MC, Ohno mentioned that Jun’s mood is always low and bad during morning *LOL*
Nino said, the other members will also answer Jun for this question.
Nino said, their manager got to tell Jun earlier time to pick him up because he is always late ^^;
So let’s say it’s 9am, so maybe the manager will tell him it’s 8:30am, and the other four knows it’s “Jun’s time” *LOL*
As for who’s the fastest, i guess it shall be Nino, coz he can get out just in 5 minutes after waking up!

Oops… talking about this reminds me of their morning awakening at Hawaii.. 😀
Jun crawled into their room woke each of them up suddenly in the middle of night! That was a very funny part and nice to watch video, where you can see the way they sleep.. :p too bad it’s blurr… (heard it’s unofficial one)

Oh yeah, as for TOKIO, Nagase mentioned it’s him, same as Arashi, their manager got to tell him earlier time, but since he knows the trick, it doesn’t work on him :p

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4 Comments on “TOKIO x Arashi (Nagase x Nino)”

  • Nik
    28 12月, 2011, 10:21

    thanx for sharing~

    rei125 Reply:


  • therrygene
    28 12月, 2011, 10:42

    thank you. xDD What video is that? I haven’t seen it. 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    TOKO x Arashi, just a very short clip, ard 5minutes, to promote new year program

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