TOKIO x Arashi (Matsuoka x Ohno)

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As previous year, we are going to have TOKIO x Arashi on 1 January 2012 too.
So, as a countdown program, NTV is showing a small talk on each of the member pair.

Tonight it’s Matsuoka (Matsu-nii) & Ohno.
They will choose on a member based on the card they’ve chosen.

The first question was who is the most stingy in TOKIO & Arashi

Matsu-nii said it’s definitely Yamaguchi-kun. All the while Yamaguchi-kun has never been paying for any of his meal. At least for this 5 years, he’s always the one who settle the bill whenever they have meal together ^^;

OK, as for Ohno’s answer, i’m sure you all know what he wants to say :p
He said it’s either Nino or him. Well, Nino never brings his purse out and never take the initiative to pay, that’s not something to be surprised 😀
Matsu-nii said Nino always “forget” his purse, but he never forgets his magic card 😀

The next question is who is the most coward in TOKIO and Arashi

Matsunii said himself, he’s scared of those high places (same as Sho), and whenever any job that needs him to climb high, he will ask the director to change it to Jyoshima leader, Jyoshima leader was not told about the change and all the while he never suspect anything *LOL*

Alright, as for Ohno’s answer, i guessed it correctly… 😳
It’s Sho……. orz
Ohno said Sho has fear for height, no matter how many times they’ve “jumped” or “flied” from Kokuritsu stadium, he never gets used to it and is still very scared.. 😳

I like the Sho who still ganbaru although he is very scared, he said if he had the rights to choose, he wont want to do it ^^; (well, Jun said he can choose not to jump and came out alone as usual on the stage… and he doesnt want too.. )
Has anyone watched TIME concert? Remember how they were “tied up” and jumped on the air at Yokohama Arena? Well, the other 4 are playing and having much fun but Sho’s face….. he was trying hard!

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8 Comments on “TOKIO x Arashi (Matsuoka x Ohno)”

  • s3mp0i
    27 12月, 2011, 15:11

    that epic face..who can’t forget abt it..poor sho..everyone else was happily bouncing and ‘flying’ in d air..he was d only one with the agony face..haha

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, he was truly scared… but gomen, i “laughed” a bit…. coz the expression was real funny… ^^;

  • PP
    28 12月, 2011, 3:02

    This “Time concert” is one of the most my favorite. We can see how sho scare is but he alway works hard and making his fans are happy all the time ^___^ Also, the shot that he walked over the point of getting on the big car. Leading to Ohno and Nino also went the wrong way too!! Hahaha

    rei125 Reply:

    YEAH !!! i also love this TIME the most!!! although it’s a concert before they really gets very famous, but it’s one of the most happiest concert!!!
    OH YEAHHH !!! i totally forgot about the wrong direction story!!! hahahhaa

  • Nik
    28 12月, 2011, 10:26

    thanx for sharing~

    rei125 Reply:

    welcome~ hope that everyone enjoys reading~
    because i personally feel happy when writing ^^

  • therrygene
    28 12月, 2011, 10:53

    lol. Can’t forget Sho’s face there. xDD So epic. 🙂 But you’re right, he’s so amazing because even though he knew he is afraid, he still do what he’s told to do. Truly professional. <333

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, i’m pretty sure that he is NOT willing to do that… but as a job, he had to do it.. so he still willing to “enjoy” it and give us the best performance.. i love him soo much… ^^

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