Arashi’s handwriting Part2 (2011 & 2010 Xmas message)

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Arashi’s message for 2011 Christmas was put up at Johnny’s Family Club.
The pictures i uploaded here are those i saw it online, sorry, i have no time to go there, although i wish to see it with my own eyes though.
I will change the pics to the one i took myself if i past by there.

Arashi's handwritten message for 2011 Christmas

OK, here’s a larger version for each member.


Arashi's 2011 Christmas handwritten message (Sakurai Sho)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Year 2011, “osewa ni narimashita”
Doumo arigapyon ←Sho-chan, what kinda expression is this?? And is that a rabbit? 😀
Year 2012, Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Sakurai Sho


Arashi's Christmas handwritten message (Matsumoto Jun)

Merry Xmas!
Thank you for this year!
Let’s enjoy year 2012 too!
Korekaramo yoroshiku!
With love, Jun M.


Arashi's Christmas handwritten message (Ohno Satoshi)

Merry Christmas & Akeome ! ←”Akeome” means happy new year, isn’t it too early, leader? :p
Year 2011, it was Kaibutsukun’s festival.
Year 2012, let’s make it a year of “Daibutsukun”
May it be a good year for all of us.
Ohno Satoshi

Aiba Masaki

Arashi's Christmas handwritten message (Aiba Masaki)

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Next year also yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Aiba Masaki
Oh…. 櫻井画伯の次に相葉画伯!Are we going to have Aiba painter after Sho?? *LOL*


Arashi's Christmas handwritten message (Ninomiya Kazunari)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!
This year, we really received a lot (お世話になりました) and we shall be “receiving” more next year!!
Let’s enjoy year 2012 together!!
…Urm.. i think your eyes must be getting painful now..
So, I’ll write again (LOL) !
Ninomiya Kazunari
Hey Nino… he must be using yellow deliberately! *LOL* Well, it’s “his” color though..

Picture besides the message.

And here’s a capture of them wishing audience merry christmas in ZIP.

Arashi’s handwriting Part1

Urm… i think i might as well to take this chance to put on the message for last year, 2010 too. :p

Arashi's handwritten message for 2010 christmas

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6 Comments on “Arashi’s handwriting Part2 (2011 & 2010 Xmas message)”

  • s3mp0i
    21 12月, 2011, 22:38

    somehow i think that matsujun’s handwriting is neat..
    aiba’s drawing reminds me the new year’s card that he gave to becky..the one that becky show when becky became d guest in HnA..hoho..thank u for sharing as always =)

    rei125 Reply:

    i think jun’s writing is the neatest too
    as for the most beautiful one, i chose Ohno, he writes just like using a brush heehee
    as for Sho, it think his writing looks like those left-handed ^^; and those very smart people, i have a few friends who are very smart, and their handwriting are similar~
    Aiba & Nino’s handwriting looks similar to each other!

    ohh yeah !! the new year card to Becky!! HAHAHAHA
    personally i think it’s not too bad!!
    last year, Nino and leader draw us something, this year it’s Aiba and Sho? haha
    But i dunno what Sho drew.. suppose it’s rabbit, the significant for next year..? ^^;

  • s3mp0i
    22 12月, 2011, 15:23

    maybe sho-kun want to show that his drawing has improve a bit after going art class..d one that he told in shounen club premium i guess..the one that arashi members told him that it just a waste *poor sho-kun* that u point it out, aiba n nino’s handwriting do look similar..’ur eyes must be gettig painful now’ what a brat nino! =p

    rei125 Reply:

    he went to art class when he was small, so maybe he forgot how to draw already haha
    nino’s so naughty!!

  • PP
    22 12月, 2011, 17:19

    Aiba’s drawing ‘s quite weird hahaha, BTW really love their attached pic of 2011, also the casual look of each other in 2010.

    rei125 Reply:

    but at least we can see that it’s a raindeer , for sho’s … i really cant see what’s that.. haha
    i also love those casual look, i prefer their casual off shot more than those magazines~

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