Otonoha Vol.95 2011/12/20

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Despite working late until 1am for yesterday’s ZERO (i think he can go back only around 2am as they normally need to attend meeting after that…),
Despite waking up early for today’s “Mezamashi TV” which he appeared as guest at 7:30am, which means maybe his sleeping hour is only around 2-3hrs??
Despite having to record for VS Arashi for the whole day
Despite having to write two diaries a day, “Before Dinner” and “Otonoha”
he’s always very sincere in updating us with his recent state.

Today’s otonoha came with an attached photo.


It’s me.
Kageyama now.

From ZE~RO~


Mezamashi now.

Finally today is the last episode for “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”.

I cranked in on 9 September.

It was still very hot that time, but now everything seems like very long time ago.

The weather has totally become very cold.

And few days ago…

Maybe you’ll feel surprised..!!

I’ve cranked up!!
(Well, it’s on air tonight, so it’s common sense?)

I received a bow tie with “Hosho” signal on it.
(Looks like a french menu?)


Very happy. Thank you so much m(__)m

Thank you those who have been watching all the while.

Thank you so much.


Today’s update,

If there’s no special irregular updates, it shall be the last update for Year 2011.

It was around summer,
when i appeared a lot in magazines for “Kamisama no Karute” movie.


it’s “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode” following that.

Minasan, doumo otsukaresamadeshita.
And Arigatou gozaimashita.

Drama has cranked up,

I feel that i’ve finished everything and i feel so good…

But then….

There’s still Kouhaku waiting for us.
And now I’m preparing for it everyday.

“The start for the end of Year 2011”

Oh let’s welcome the last day together!! (he meant 31st dec).


During crank up,

the staffs made some chrismas decoration.

So here’s the photo. ←the one on top

Merry Xmas.

Sakurai Sho

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2 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.95 2011/12/20”

  • PP
    21 12月, 2011, 14:30

    He works very hard but he’s still happy with every activities.. Take care yourself Sakurei!! I am waiting for Kohaku too!! Arigatuo for updating naka.. Really like his pic while writing and reading ka..Is these from his pic update?

    rei125 Reply:

    the picture on top is the one he captured, the one at the bottom is my random photo for his otonoha~

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