Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 9 (2011.12.20)

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Today’s the last day of “Before Dinner”‘s photo diary 😥
Sho-chan, thank you for your effort in sharing us your stories for nearly three months.

It’s me. Kageyama.

Few days ago.
I had some free time .

“Oh yeah! Let’s go and get a digital camera”

I thought to myself, and off i went out to shop for one.


After buying it, i went back to Nazodi location..

And took this pic… ←the one on top

(Iya,, it’s the digicam’s potential though…)

Yup, it’s a baseball ground.

Maybe because of the cold weather, it reminds me of Kisarazy Cat’s Eyes filming days.


Why is it a baseball ground?

Of couse, you have to check it out!!
At tonight’s 21pm!!
The final episode, 30minutes extra SP.


It’s so fast that this diary is coming to an end.

Thank you for reading m(__)m

Do check out at the on air.

Thank you so much.

Sakurai Sho (Kageyama)

Seems like those happy days during Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes keep on coming to his mind recently.
So, i feel like attaching a random picture here too. Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes, BAMBI !!
He’s soooo cute!!

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