Toma talking about Arashi

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Toma (Ikuta Toma) attended TOKIO’s variety 5LDK and he talked about other Johnny’s artist of the same generation ie Arashi, Takki & Tsubasa, Kanjani8. Arashics should know that Arashi & Toma are very good friends, so it’s kinda fun to hear him talk about them 😀 When asked whom he goes out often in private, he said “Jun, Nino and Aiba”.

Alright, here’s his talk. Sorry, I’m only picking up on Arashi’s part 🙂

They gave him a series of questions and asked him to choose one of the members in Arashi, Takki & Tsubasa and Kanjyani8, for example, who’s most generous, who’s most gourmet, who has the most characteristic room etc.

Here are a few questions which he picked up Arashi members.

Q: Who is the most generous?
A: Jun

He said whenever they (a bunch of friends) went out and have meal, everytime when they called the waiter for billing, they’re always told “Matsumoto-san has already paid for it”, Jun always settle the bill very smartly.

Yeah, this story was quite “famous”, sasuga Jun-kun!

Q: Who is the most gourmet among all?
A: Sho

Toma said, everytime they’re going to have lunch or dinner, Sho will ask him in advance what he wants to eat, and he will check on the restaurants, and give him 3 options to choose, telling him on each restaurant. He really did the “research” 😀

OK, this’s another welknown story, Sho, Arashi’s food coordinator 😀
Hmmm… how i hope that i can have the chance to have a meal with him too.. Kya~~~~~ 😳

Matsuoka asked him when’s the most recent time they have meal together, Toma said he and Sho went to a friend’s home party not long ago. いいなぁ・・・ (II na…), i want to go to the home party too! ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ

Q: Who has the most characteristic room?
A: Jun

Toma visited Jun’s apartment when Jun just started to live alone.
And when he went inside his bedroom, he saw one standing lamp… the upper part of the lamp is a lady’s skirt and the legs of the lamp is the legs of the lady, a very sexy standing lamp!!
And when you on it, the light is red!!!

Thanks Toma for this story!! I know Jun has quite a different taste on interior, never know that he had such a “sexy” lamp! *LOL*

And…… Arashics are sugoi… someone managed to found a lamp as described by Toma, although no one knows whether it’s the same as the one Jun has it in his room!
Sexy Leg Lamp 😀
Would you buy it? :p

Q: Who is not very good at sports (slow reflexes)
A: Sho

The answer was, Sho’s style of running is very weird and funny!! 😀
Matsuoka said, Sho is too perfect, he’s good in almost everything, so being weak in sports might not be a bad thing afterall, maybe he’s just trying to be weak? *LOL*

Hey, Toma, Sho can sprint very fast!! He has the fastest leg among Arashi! i thought it was Aiba, but even Aiba praised Sho for fast running, so i guess Sho’s No.1 among five of them, but definitely not in other sports… 😀

When asked who is very good in sports, Toma said Ohno. Matsuoka agreed, he said although Ohno looks like very sleepy and “lazy” but he can sports very well.

Q: If he’s a woman, whom he will NEVER choose as girlfriend?
A: Nino!!!

The reason was Nino is easily absorbed in anything he is interested in and so he might neglect his partner.

Jyoshima asked him, who will he choose as boyfriend then if he’s a woman, Toma answered SHO!!!
The reason was Sho is really YASASHIII !!!
When Toma mentioned that Sho is yasashi, TOKIO’s member, Matsuoka and Taiichi also agreed and said “Yeah.. he’s really yasashi-ne” ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
Especially when everyone is so tired, and Taiichi started to talk nonsense and no one wants to bother about him, Sho always give some response to him or always laugh at his “not-so-funny” jokes 😀

Oh.. Toma’s words melt my heart again.. Sho-chan, daisuki!!
Urm, he laughed maybe not because he’s yasashi… just because his laughing point is very low… *LOL*

Alright, hope you enjoy it.
Love to hear people talk about the five of them 🙂

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19 Comments on “Toma talking about Arashi”

  • Pung
    17 12月, 2011, 13:53

    Thank you for this sharing, I also like Toma same as Arashi ^^ and I heard before that Nino used to say that  Toma is 6th member  of Arashi….. ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    i like Toma~ and he looks very good!

  • Nik
    20 12月, 2011, 23:20

    thanx for sharing~
    ur trans is so fun to read~
    btw about the lamp…Matsujun once showed the pic of the lamp in a show…forgot wat was it…he said it was a gift frm a staff~

    rei125 Reply:

    wow!! i nvr know about jun’s lamp!!
    do you remember what show is that?
    i must have missed it… or else i wont forget ><

  • Nik
    22 12月, 2011, 12:16

    I think its either Hanamaru Cafe or Oshareism.
    the year would prob be 07′ to 08’…i think
    i dont really remember when but he really did showed it n explain it as well where he got it.
    so yup~ its between the two shows bcuz both of it the guest usually shows their captured pics right?
    PS: if u find the vid can u share it wit us?teehee ;P
    yoroshiku~ ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you! i havent seen jun in osyareism…..
    i have watched previous hanamaru cafe but maybe not all…
    need to do a research heeheee
    ok, let me go and search for it… heeheee

  • Jolene
    11 1月, 2012, 23:21

    Hi there. Sorry to butt in. Lol. Regarding Matsujun talking about the lamp is in Oshareism dated 2007.04.22. Hope it helps you if you couldn’t locate it (BUT I think that you may have found it already 😀 ) ^^;;

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you so much!!! i havent seen Jun in oshareism !
    i love you~~~~ !! ^___*

  • Hikari~
    13 2月, 2013, 3:27

    =) thanks for sharing again. I have watched this show. I love Toma. And about Jun’s lamp. I too. saw, he showed his lamps photo on a show. Its not the one you found, his lamp was  red and no legs actually xS. =D… and little bit more small. That is I remember. 

    rei125 Reply:

    ohh i would like to see jun’s lamp!! i must have missed the show…

  • Hikari~
    14 2月, 2013, 13:54

    dear did you find the show? Cause I have found 🙂 … can give the link.. 
    And thanks Jolene to give that knowledge. I have been looking for that show for years (I’m serious) since I’ve watched it in 2009(I guess) .. =D

    rei125 Reply:

    give me please~~~~~
    coz i’m always very stupid at finding videos online…..
    wow… since 2009.. 4 years!

  • Hikari~
    14 2月, 2013, 14:06

    And again, sorry 😀 that lamp you found is the one . I remembered wrong *-* I wonder why? 
    whatever :)))) 

    rei125 Reply:

    daijyobu~ thanks for clarification~

  • Hikari~
    15 2月, 2013, 21:31
    here is the address

    rei125 Reply:


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