A photographer talking about Arashi

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I just saw one photo online, a photographer of Non-no magazine talked about his impression on Arashi when he first work with them in 2010.

Jun: He said he was tired when they were taking a rest during photo filming and he wanted to take a nap, and so he just went into a room and had a rest.

Nino: Nino told the staffs “Jun-kun looks like quite tired and he’s taking a nap now, could you please pass him a cushion?” Nino was very yasashi, and he looks like someone who cares about everybody.

Ohno: He’s very quiet. He doesn’t talk much.

Aiba: He’s not much different from what you see him on tv, very genki and always smiling.

Sho: He’s always reading newspaper, and also had his pc open. He’s always checking out something or studying something during free time. Very “majime” (serious)

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5 Comments on “A photographer talking about Arashi”

  • Nik
    20 12月, 2011, 23:24

    luv to hear about Arashi frm other ppl especially the ppl that work wit them~ it shows that Arashi is the exact Arashi that we know~

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah, a lot of ppl said they’re just very “ordinary” boys, not much different from others, although they’re super idol here in jpn
    love them soooo much!!

  • therrygene
    24 12月, 2011, 16:42

    it’s nice to hear other people talking about Arashi. :)

    i love reading here. :) keep it up. Merry Christmas.

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks :)
    ur compliments are my encouragement~
    merry christmas to you too~

  • Chako
    21 6月, 2013, 3:04

    I’m sooo happy I found this site! I’ve been lurking around so many times here..hehehe. When I read this post I’m soo happy to know that people have good impression about Arashi during off-camera. Nino yasashii~~~.
    The time when Nino cares about giving cushion to Arashi members is also shown in My Girl PV Making, right? Nino himself handed in a cushion beside him to Sho chan when the staff told Sho chan to take a rest for a while… Nino really cares about member ne~~ yasashii~~
    Btw, thank you for sharing anything about Arashi!! Arashi daisuki <3

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