Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 8 (2011.12.13)

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Sho’s photo diary on Nazodi Part 8.
This photo diary is coming to and end soon…. 😥


It’s me.

Starting December, it was very cold early in the morning and late at night during shooting.

The coldness always comes from finger tip or tip of foot, if only i can use my gloves, i bet i will feel warmer.
(↑ Hey, this guy is still thinking of his gloves..)


Tonight’s episode, the 9th episode.

It’s very fast.

Now it’s already christmas season.
So, there’s a lot of christmas decoration in Hosho’s House.

One of it is a very big chrismas tree.

“White” is so beautiful.

Few days ago, i went to the florist.
I thought of putting up a christmas tree this year, but..
After looking at this, i gave up the idea.

It’s too BIG!
(Iya.. there should be other sizes right?)

Hmm……. even though i put it up, i still have a lot of shooting to be done everyday.. no time for me to invite friends to my house.

So, i think i should feel contented looking at this tree m(___)m

Don’t forget tonight’s episode!.

It’s coming to an end!!

Check it!

Sakurai Sho (Kageyama)

I’m going to put up some of Kageyama’s photo in the 9th episode..
More photos in my facebook. Check it out there too 🙂
Where’s the “yasashi” Kageyama who’s always smiling there…? 😥
What happened to Kageyama.. is he the one who killed both the victims ..? 😥
It’s final episode next week, with extra 30minutes!!!

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