Otonoha Vol.94 2011/12/10

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He must be in very good mood today ♪
Nice episode on Sho x Ohno *LOL*


It’s me.

Urm.. it sounds a bit sudden.

When i was just about to start filming for the drama, i bought myself a glove.
Black leather, with fur around the wrist. It’s order-made.


I think it should fit Kageyama’s costume.

I hope i can use it in the coming winter during filming.


It’s quite warm this November.

Most of the filming was made indoor, or inside car…

There’s no chance for me to use my glove…


It’s December.

“Oh.. it’s getting colder! Guhehehe

I’m going to use my glove!!”

I was anticipating for the day.

And we started to shoot for the 9th episode..



My right hand was bandaged !!

Zutto !!

And now it’s the last episode..

I’m still bandaged !!!

Hai !!!
So… !!!
That’s the story of my gloves..!
Arigatou gozaimashita !!

(・_・) Eh..?

Yeah,,, unfortunately i have no chance to use it…

Just like what i’ve mentioned earlier, i bought this because i think it match Kageyama’s costume.. and i think i might have the chance to use it..

I should say, i hope they can let me use it in the scene.. although it might not match..

Sate sate..
In the midst of it..
I went to the location for “Mou yuukai nante shinai” before “Nazotoki”.

It was very early in the morning, so it was quite cold.
Yeah, it’s the time! And i took out my gloves and use it.
(of course i dont have to be bandaged in “Mou yuukai nante~”)

Just when it was my turn to film, i took out my gloves since it’s not the costume for this drama.

Ohno-san was resting after one cut.

Ohno: “Cold ne…”

I heard his mumbling and just when i turned over….

Ohno’s putting on my gloves !!

He looks so satisfied!!

Since i cant use it during filming…
So in fact i’m happy that he use it m(__)m

Urm.. this’s yesterday’s episode.

And now i’m filming for the last episode.
Last spurt!

Sakurai Sho (Kageyama now)

Random picture today: Kageyama’s tea time!!

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