Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 7 (2011.12.06)

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Sho’s photo diary on Nazodi Part 7.
He must be very very busy, you can sense it from his diary.. Sho-chan, ganbatte~
And sorry, me too.. no time to write on others .. orz


It’s me. Kageyama.


I mentioned before that
“There are a lot of family crests in Hosho Family”.
Do you still remember that?

My photo diary is coming to an end soon, so i shall introduce you another one today.

That’s this. ←the above pic


Where is it ?

It’s at the right of the fireplace.
The place where Kageyama use to bring his tea set and sit down to have his tea time, a bar counter.

You can even see the crest at this place. Did you notice that?
※ he meant the letter “H” which means “hosho” family.

Hey!! Come on!!


Today’s story. The 8th episode.

The character “Somada Matugoro (character’s name in drama)” will appear.

During filming, me and staffs always called it wrongly… we always called him “Somagoro”


Tonight’s 21pm.

Sakurai Sho(Kageyama)

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  • PP
    7 12月, 2011, 1:13

    Thanks a lot eventhough I haven’t see this drama cuz I can’t to understand Japanese waiting for English translation la.. ^__^

    rei125 Reply:

    ooh, hopefully you can watch it very soon~

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