Sho’s Tokudane Interview 2011.11.29

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This is a must watch interview if you like Sho!

Tokudane “100問100答” (100 Questions 100 Answers) focus on Sakurai Sho.
The host of the show followed him “secretly” to his working place (Nazodi location & VS recording) and made a report on him, and also a short interview with him.

First they captured Sho in Nazodi location, Sho is seen always mumbling alone non stop, he was memorizing his words, he looks very serious~

There’s another shot outdoor, he was talking and laughing together with the staffs, oh.. look at his laughing face.. 癒されるヾ(≧▽≦)ノ It heals my heart 🙂

And he’s seen grabbing a newspaper and check on the news, sasuga caster! ZERO ♪
But he looks cold, a bit shivering while reading the newspaper..
Hey, but could you put on an extra jacket if you feel cold?

The host interviewed Kitagawa Keiko, his co-actress in Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode.
Kitagawa said he’s very serious in his work, he wants everything to be perfect, and he’s always learning or checking on something during their rest hour.

Below is a few shots on Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode.

The host said Sho is very “multi-talented”, he’s very serious during drama shooting and he can be very funny and joyful during their VS variety, and also looks very profesional when he’s a caster.

The host then had a short interview with Sho.

They brought out a box, and asked Sho to open it.
Inside, it’s Sho’s semi-nude An An 😳
Sho was so embarassed to see it.. 😳
They didnt have much talk on this ( i guess it was cut ), but i would be happy if they could broadcast on why this photo is taken, although he had talked in previous show.
I guess Arashics should have know the story behind it, but still let me write on it :p
He was offered by An An (well, An An always try to capture another sight of an artist, i like An An’s photographer), and since he has been training in private, building up his body, so he guess he might as well take this chance to take this kind of photos. He was joking previously that once the photos is out, he lost contact with his parents totally *LOL*

Sho asked them to take away the magazines quickly :p
And they brought him another box, he was so “scared” to open it.
Once open, it’s a radio?
The host pressed on the PLAY button and we hear “Sakurap” (Sakurai’s Rap) being played.
Sho was feeling very embarassed and he quickly pressed on the STOP button, and the host pressed PLAY again and he stopped it again 😀

Most of Arashi’s rap was written by him, urm, should say all except the first few singles.
He said he wanted to sing the rap in a very stylish way, but he’s not sure on how to do it, so he met a lot of hip hop singers, one of them is m-flo’s Verbal. Verbal told him, why not you write the lyrics yourself?
Sho said before this he thought his work is to sing those songs that people has written for them, it never crossed his mind that he can write it. Since then, he has been writing all Arashi’s rap lyrics.
Last time when Sho-Beat was still on air, he will explain on every of his lyrics, the story behind it. I miss Sho Beat 😥

They showed their PV “言葉より大切なもの” (Kotoba yori taisetsuna mono) , yeah, one of my favourite! very high tension when heard it ♪
Sho looks so young! 😀 and Ohno’s expresssion was sooo funny! *LOL*

Then they talked on his debut on 17 years old.

When asked did he ever wonder whether his decision to become an idol is correct or not, he said, he didn’t think much of it at the beginning, because they’re a group, it’s hard to back out but when he saw his school mates who used to fool around started to wear suit, going for interviews, he felt a bit insecure.
Urm.. maybe most of you have watched it, but if you havent please try to watch his interview with TOKIO’s Kokubun Taiichi in “ザ少年倶楽部プレミアム” (Shonen Club Premium), he talked about his school days, his studies, his work and his thinking. That’s a deeper interview where you can understand him more.

Lastly, they talked about marriage.
When asked about what he thinks of marriage, Sho said, he has not much imagination on it, he cant think of himself wearing the wedding suit and walking on the virgin road, but he always wanted a “family”. He has a portrait of a family, a picture of a wife and his children, where they’ll go to the park and spread on the blue sheet, picnic there. That’s his ideal dream.
The host said he looks like a good daddy in future, he just laughed and said “is it?”
YEAH YOU WILL !!! Looking at the way he handled small kids, the way he carried them, the way he lectured them although it’s in front of the camera, i’m perfectly sure he is definitely a good father in future!

The host in studio is Ogura-san, yeah, the Ogura-san which worked with them in Shukudai-kun.
Ogura-san said “感じのいい人でしょう” (he’s a nice guy right?)
Ogura-san said Sho is very hardworking, when they went to Beijing for olympics coverage, he did his homework very well, he studied a lot of the sports and his notebook was full of memo. Yeah, from what i heard, everytime he’s given a job, he will do very thorough research on the topic.
Hey, Sho-chan, i really wonder did you ever sleep? :p
He must be really smart to be able to memorize so many things.

A very nice interview~
大好き、翔ちゃん ♥

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4 Comments on “Sho’s Tokudane Interview 2011.11.29”

  • s3mp0i
    19 12月, 2011, 1:05

    this just make we love sho more huh? glad that u r sharing it..
    i always wonder too if he get good rest with all the stuff he’s been doing..
    he just make u wanna pinch his cheeks and say “just take a rest for today”..
    and i think i have liked him just a little bit more than aiba-kun..hehe =p

    rei125 Reply:

    i think even he has extra time, he’ll use it to do other things, he just cant slow down ^^;
    u better don’t let aiba-chan hear ur words :p

  • s3mp0i
    19 12月, 2011, 22:03

    ok..i’ll seal my lips..huhu =p

  • Trixie
    9 4月, 2013, 14:21

    Hi. Thank you so much for all your blogs. I discovered a lot about them. I’m loving them even more. They’re just so adorable. Anyway, do have the links for this interview and for the interview with Taiichi? 

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