Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 6 (2011.11.29)

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Sho’s photo diary on Nazodi Part 6.
Gourmet Sho again :p


It’s me. Kageyama.

The breakfast and dinner at Houshou House.

As mentioned in previous diary, because of it, i also had a chance to have a sumptuous omlette rice etc.

This time!

Sense made one “original” meal specially for me.

Here is it. ←referring on above picture

● Pettitoes collagen soup
● Soba + Vegetables Tenmen Sauce Cabbage
● pumpkin’s millet sugar pudding


About that.

I think this diary is going to be a 【gourmet blog】 soon.

Sensei, thank you so much everytime. m(___)m

Sate Sate.
Tonight’s on air. the 7th episode.
Tayama Ryousei will appear in it.

“Wow, miss ‘Yoiko no Mikata’. Natukashii~~ You were still a student that time”

We began to talk on those old days.

Tonight we’re not going to leave our mansion!
It’s going to be a new story!!
And it’s 15minutes extra version!!!

…Check it!

21pm m(__)m

Sakurai Sho(Kageyama)

Wonder is sensei know Sho-chan likes soba :p
And… urm…. i dun eat pettitoes !!!! 😕 (well, that’s nothing to do with him :p)

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