Otonoha Vol.93 2011/11/20

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It’s Otonoha Day today~
Today’s story is slightly different from previous, not so much joke but a warm one~ an emotional Sho~
It’s slightly hard to translate, please bear with it…

Title : Those days…

It’s me.
Kageyama now.

For these few days, i’m been on filming everyday.

There are many times where we finished shooting those “Nazotoki” part all in a day. ←”Nazotoki” means solving mystery

Which means.

A lot of “nazotoki”

A lot of “serifu”

That’s really a lot….
But sometimes i can feel my brain working very hard and turning very fast.
I can even get the take OK in just one cut, despite that it’s a long long “serifu”.

I feel so good in such situation.


That day, Kishidan came for our Arashi ni Shiyagare recording. ← “Kishidan” is a japanese band group

I worked with them in “Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes” last time.

Kishidan said they’re going to sing “One Night Canival”.

The atmosphere was full with excitement.

Intro started.

The lights in the studio changed.

Drum, base, guitar’s started..




Suddenly i feel so touched.. out of sudden…



Suddenly i see “flashback” of those old days.
Those days, those faded memories flashed back and it appears to be so vividly in my mind out of sudden..

The merrier the song is…
I feel that my nose is “weird” …

Do you ever feel like that? ←sorry, this expression is not available in english, it means he feel like crying ^^;

While the other four are enjoying very high,

Me, alone..

feeling very touched…..

Sa… Alright, i need to go now.

It’s also “Nazotoki” today.

Sakurai Sho

I wonder if we could see the emotional Sho-chan on the episode of Kishidan in Arashi ni Shiyagare. I think Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes has really leave a great impact on him. From drama to Nihon Series (movie) and World Series (movie) the team has been working together for so long, Sho also gets to know his good friend Satou Ryuuta from Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes.
Ohh~~ I love his Bambi!!!!!!

Random picture of Sho today.
Bambi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! → Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes

Sho as Bambi in Kisarazu Cat's Eyes

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6 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.93 2011/11/20”

  • s3mp0i
    21 11月, 2011, 19:07

    somehow i feel touched too juz by imagining it..maybe bcos it was one of the earlier drama that he starred in..he grew up by those drama i guess..by d way, thank u for sharing..ur translation really brighten me up after a tiring day..=)

    rei125 Reply:

    there’re so much expression in japanese which does not exists in english,
    so everytime i’m really in dilemma on how to translate ^^;
    i dun wish to change it to proper english, as it will change the nuance of his words,
    but sometimes wondering whether foreign fans understand my translation or not ^^;
    but i guess most fans knows some nihongo, so shld be no prob? ^^

    kisarazu cats eyes is a long series, i dun actually like it in the beginning, but the more i watch the more i’m into it.
    bambi is one of my fav character~

  • 29 11月, 2011, 12:12

    Your site is really great… I’ve been a fan since 2008… well, not the typical fan coz I’m fangirling alone since here in my country, although there sure is a great number of ARASHi fan as well, I can’t really avail myself into all the activities they are into… so I really feel blessed to have found your site just now… I’ll be following you from now on… Thank you so much…

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you for your comment! 🙂
    you gave me encouragement to write~
    sometimes i’m really impressed by foreign fans, you all don’t get to see them that often, some fans dont even understand japanese, but you all still support them so much
    if i’m Arashi, i will be very touched!

  • 30 11月, 2011, 8:46

    “If I’m ARASHI, I will be very touched!”…

    This made my heart skip a beat… you are right.. most of the fans here in my country don’t fully understand japanese… I for one really know so little of the language so I depend on translations and subbed videos… nevertheless we support ARASHi by buying their stuff though those come without the sub… we just love them that much…. Downloaded stuff are nice, but more precious are the original once… they are like rare treasures…

    I’m babbling too much… but may I just add… fans here even buy MAGAZINES that feature these guys… and yeah, If most are non-jap speakers, it just follows that a lot of us cannot read kanji nor hiragana… But we buy those stuff nonetheless.. :))

    AGAIN… ARIGATOU for your hard work and generosity… In a way, you are helping these guys take the WORLD by storm… 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, we can download them on net, nowadays those clips are so clear too
    but just we want to have them with us,the boxes, the case etc
    i understand!! 🙂
    i seldom buy magazines because they appear in almost EVERY WEEK here.. *LOL*
    i have to stop by the bookstore to check magazines featuring them few days a week..
    so i cant afford to buy those magazine,too lot :p
    if one day i can get to know them (wishful thinking :p) i wll tell them how foreign fans love them so much!! (but i m sure they’re aware of this ^^ )

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