Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 4 (2011.11.15)

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Sho’s photo diary on Nazodi Part 4.
Oh, it’s not on food anymore :p

It’s me.

It’s the 5th episode today.

When we reached the location for the victim ←he meant during the shooting in the 5th episode

I noticed that… it’s Tamura’s house!!


My house in “Tokujo Kabachi” !!

The landlord remembered me, and we began to talk on those days.

By the way,
The flower in Honjo’s house.

Those are all real flowers.

During shooting, the staff asked

“Who wants these flower? The first 4 people douzo~”

Put your hands up!!


It should be.

Put my hands up!!

And i put up my hands quickly.

What? Flower.. ? after candle…?

That’s what you must be thinking now..


I don’t deny it..

Actually i received a vase from my mother two days ago, so i thought i’s just good to use it.

The picture is here. ←as attached above

As usual.. it struck my mind to take this picture only a few days after putting them into the vase, so the flowers has start withering.. so please bear with it.

Hmm, i talk just like Mimura
(cf. Yamada Taro Mono Gatari)

…. Hai..

This time, i talked too much on my other characters.

Sore dewa.
Tonight’s 21pm.


Sakurai Sho

hmmm… i wonder why his mum gave him vase?? *LOL*

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2 Comments on “Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 4 (2011.11.15)”

  • s3mp0i
    16 11月, 2011, 8:17

    hmm..maybe his mum want him to stop using candle and use flower instead? haha..i don’t know..thank u for sharing =)

    rei125 Reply:

    i will ask him next time if i really meet him *LOL*

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