Otonoha Vol.92 2011/11/10

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He updated his photo diary “Before Dinner” two days ago, and it’s Otonoha day today. Despite his tight schedule, he is always willing to write us long story, updating us with his recent activity, or any new happenings around him, Arashi members, his family etc. No matter how busy he is, he’s always there to share us his story, and not those short “hello” mesage. Sho-chan, hontoni arigatou!

The title for the otonoha this time is “Daily Life”.

Otonoha Vol.92 2011/11/10

It’s me.
Kageyama now.

I am going to talk on what happened 2 days ago.

Arashi were doing some media coverage together.
And the clock turns 21pm.
(oh! no) ←HAHAHAHAHA!! He’s “Monter”-ing !!!

Ohno and Aiba were free, waiting for their turn and so they tuned in for “Nazotoki wa dinner no atode”.

Ohno : What a lengthy speech…
(He was mumbling to himself)

Just then staff called them.

And tv was showing Kageyama talking at that time.

Only two of these people who can have the room locked.

Ohno & Aiba : WHO ???

Reiko (the character in tv) : WHO ???

Ohno & Aiba : “YEAH!!”
They high-touched each other.
They seem quite happy to react the same as the “ojyosama” in the tv.

They went off for photo shooting then.

Yeah, they went off.


Don’t they feel curious of who’s the killer?

Anyway, after the shooting, we went back to the dressing room again.
TV was showing the last scene of Nazodi.

Matsumoto :
ARE? Meikyu Love Song is already playing.. ←which means it’s the end of the drama

Ninomiya :
Kuuu…. we’re not in time for it!!

Aiba :
ARE? Who’s the killer?? Eh.. it’s not Morimoto Reo?? Kuuu…. WHO IS IT???

And they left the dressing room.

They went off.

Yeah, they went off.


Aren’t they curious who’s the killer? ← Is it that Sho-chan waiting for them to ask him for the answer?

Anyway, this’s just a story showing that they do care for this drama.

Sorry.. it’s just a very simple daily life..

I’m busy with Kageyama today too.

Will be happy if you watch it.

Sakurai Sho

p/s: scroll down for today’s random picture 🙂

Random picture of Sho today.

Sho in VS Arashi 2011.11.10

Sho in VS Arashi 2011.11.10 (same day as Otonoha).
Ooshima (one member of Morisanjyu, who is welknown as super arashi fans, especially Jun) wrote a memo on Sho, she said, Sho’s busy with nazodi recently, when he’s busy, he’s always very talkative. Sho was laughing hysterically when he heard that, he said he didn’t realize that and asked around whether he really turn talkative when he’s busy..
I like this kinda innocent laugh and smiling face of him, just like in HNA when Aiba dated him to Chiba, the last scene when Aiba accidentally fall into the hole, he was there laughing like anything. I like to see him laughing~

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  • maia
    12 11月, 2011, 6:57

    i love your blog!!!! 
    i just discovered it today, and im enjoying it… super thanks!!! 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you!!
    sometimes it’s very lonely when you don’t get any response after writing for so long ^^;
    your comments give me very big encouragement~~

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    13 11月, 2011, 23:44

    i just discovered ur blog today..i accidentally type arashidaisuki..and somehow ur blog pop up from the search engine..i’m enjoying ur blog..can i follow ur blog? hehe
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    rei125 Reply:

    thank you ^_______________^
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    i have facebook too, u can join if you want 🙂
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  • 26 6月, 2012, 8:13

    That’s why I love Arashi…
    Thanks for translating and sharing, glad I found this great site 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    glad that you enjoyed it 🙂
    wont have much time to update since this june, but will try to 🙂

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