Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 3 (2011.11.08)

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Sho’s photo diary on Nazodi Part 3.
Topic on food again 😀
Since it’s about food, i’m using the icon with him eating for this post 😀

It’s me, Kageyama.

The 4th episode.

Finally, Kageyama gets out of the mansion.
He will solve the mystery outside and not inside the mansion.

Kageyama, he will cook omlette rice.

The sensei whom i introduced in previous diary.
He cooked omlette rice for me for my lunch.

And he wrote “かげやま” (Kageyama) with the tomato sauce on top of the omlette rice.

It was oishi.

When i was just eating deliciously, suddenly i remembered that i need to take photo for my diary.

So… the photo happened to be like this….

Sorry for the “reality” of it.. ←meaning it looks so “real” and “disgusting” as he had eaten half way :p
Sho-chan, we like this kinda “reality” photos~~~ 😀


Tonight’s 21pm.

sakurai Sho

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