Sho’s “Before Dinner” Part 1 (2011.10.25)

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Sho’s photo diary on Nazodi Part 1.

It’s me, Kageyama.

It’ll be Episode 2 today.
It will focus on the story of wine.
It’s so difficult to memorize the name of wine desune.
I really think that those sommelier are very sugoi.

Today’s photo.

The living set which appeared in Episode 1 too.
Did you notice there is a stained glass on top of the fireplace?
With a big letter of “H”…

It’s something inside Honjo’s house.
The picture is here. ←Please refer to the attachment later

There are a few items in Honjo’s house with the butterfly motif, maybe it’ll be fun to try searching for it? Ka! Mo! Ne!


Today’s 21pm

Sakurai Sho ←Sorry, i missed his name in the capture..

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