Music Lovers 2011.11.06

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It has been 4 months since Arashi appeared on tv for their new song!
I still remember the last time was 2011.07.15 on Music Station for Beautiful World album promotion 🙂
The theme for today’s SP concert was “Arashi’s Drama Theme Song Collection”.
They sang 5 songs:
Monster : Ohno’s drama “Kaibutukun”
Beautiful days : Nino’s drama “Ryusei no Kizuna”
Love Rainbow : Jun’s drama “Natsu no Koi wa Niji Iro ni Kagayaku”
Meikyu Love Song : Sho’s drama “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”
My Girl : Aiba’s drama “My Girl”

Arashi as guest for Music Lovers 2011.11.06

Five of them look very very very kakkoii !! I dunno, i just feel that they look different today, maybe it’s because it has been quite a long time since i saw them singing and dancing, so it’s kinda exciting, or maybe because of the clothing tonight, they look gorgeous, especially Aiba-chan!! He caught my first sight! He’s so slim and tall and he looks so nice with the outfit on him.

The first song, Monster, i really love this song !!!!! I like the rhythm of the music, the intro, the chorus and also the dance of it! I feel like dancing everything i heard it! :p
Sorry, the pics were quite blur, you know, they’re moving and jumping all the while, it’s hard for me to capture them for Monster 😀

Arashi (Monster)

Nino (Monster)

After Monster, they had a talking session.
Today’s guest was Japan women soccer national team member, Iwashimizu who is also a die-hard fan of Arashi, she always listen to Arashi’s song before any matches. And another guest is a male artist, Katsumura-san, who is in good term with Nino. Seems like all Nino’s “best friend” are “ojisan” 😳

Aiba asked Iwashimizu whom she like most in Arashi.
Hey, Aiba-chan, we all know her answer, she said that many times in public, that’s Nino~~~

Japan's women soccer national team member Iwashimizu is also a fan of Arashi

Aiba starts asking Iwashimizu whom she likes most among Arashi.

Nino began to show his trademark sign again after hearing that *LOL*
And when Iwashimizu said, can you do that sign to me too? He “peace” to her and say, anytime you want! Kya~~~

Nino with his trademark gesture

Nino: Anytime you want!

They then continue their topic on what trouble them recently. They wrote out their problem in a questionaire in advance.

Sho said recently the staff has been calling him Aiba nonstop during their CM shooting, he was puzzled because it’s not the first time they are working together, Aiba was there too and Aiba realized too.. both of them do not know how to react and he can’t find the right timing to tell the staff that he’s Sho and not Aiba…
I dunno if you’re same as me, I’m not actually focussing on Sho’s talk this time, but looking straight at his handwriting :p

The next is Ohno and Nino, they happened to write the SAME thing!!! Sasuga Ohmiya!!!

Look at their expression when the announcer said they actually have the same trouble! *LOL*

Ohno’s problem is he cant remember the time that they’re coming to fetch him although he has been reminded. Nino looked at him once he heard Ohno’s answer. He has the same answer too :p

Ohno said the manager will remind him that he will come and fetch him the next morning at what time, but after a few hours, he will forget… Ohno asked if the other members except Nino has the same problem or not but Jun, Aiba, Sho said nope. Sho is very funny, he said he has a perfect way to solve this problem. What he always do is he set the alarm in his handphone once the manager told him. He said his handphone is AU !!! (COMMERCIAL NE!!) and the other members said “yeah we’re also AU” and he said “Then you should have alarm function too!” It’s sooo funny! *LOL*

The next is Aiba. He said he want a “monjya-yaki” set. Monjya-yaki is a food in Japan, some sort like okonomiyaki. He want the real whole set, not those hotpan style.
Nino said he has one in his house (his parents house).
He said he has one neighbour who is opening this monjyayaki business, they’re closing, so they had a lot of extra set, in Japan you need to pay to throw rubbish so the neighbour asked him “Hey, Ninomiya-san, you like monjyayaki right? So do you want it?” Nino was immitating his neighbour and he talked like an obasan *LOL*

Then Sho said to Aiba, hey, it’s your birthday next month, why not ask Nino to give you as your birthday present?
Nino maybe heard wrongly or what, he just said “Shall we buy for you then?”
Aiba was so happy, “REALLY??? YOU’RE SURE YOU WANT TO BUY FOR ME??”
Then the rest of them start to discuss, hey, how much was that actually? *LOL*
Sho said, they’re responsible for buying the set only but Aiba need to pay for all the construction needed himself, ie the gas etc *LOL*

After the talk, we have Beautiful Days followed by Love Rainbow

After these two songs, they showed their talk again.
Katsumura-san said something has been troubling him recently, ie Nino has been very proud! *LOL*
Nino and Katsumura-san has been very good friend since Nino was in teens.
Katsumura-san said last time Nino would always phone him and look him up, always asking him out for meal but recently he has not been contacting him. Just now before the show start, he bumped into Nino and Ohno at the corridor, he asked Nino, “Why no contact from you recently?” and Nino answered.. “Eh… is it me who should contact you?” *LOL*
Another typical gesture of Nino is rubbing his eyes ^^ I love to see him do so 😀

Nino then explained “Katsumura-san is now working with Jun-kun, so i thought maybe he’s expecting Jun-kun to contact him, I’m just being too considerate to think that”
Katsumura-san said, is it? if you say that’s true, i will believe you and Nino said “YES! ” and showed off his funny face… (the second pic down there) *LOL*

And after this, here’s the long anticipating Meikyu Love Song, first time on TV!!!!!

Closeup on Sho from the beginning. He looks just like a prince!!!

Aiba looks very very very dashing in this costume!!!

At the second part of the song, when Ohno came beside Sho, he suddenly put his hand gently on Sho’s shoulder. Sho was kinda shocked and turned around and saw Ohno beside him. Ohno just continued his singing and Sho act as if nothing has happened *LOL*

Meikyu Love Song has one “original” dance which we have never seen them with that pose on tv, ie sliding on the floor on the phrase “僕がきっとその手を強く弾くよ” (Boku ga kitto sono te wo tsuoku hiku yo).

After Meikyu Love Song, we have them talking and promoting on AU handphones, sorry, i shall cut this part ^^;

And the final part is Aiba’s My Girl.
Too bad due to the time limitation, this song was treated as “end roll” … 🙁
Only a small part were shown..

The same questionaire again, the definition of live.
Their answer this time is Live = SMILE 🙂

A very enjoyable 25minutes!! Thank you Arashi!!!

by the way, if you have any good recommendation for capturing pictures from avi format video, please let me know.. i think my pictures quality is not that good especially when they’re moving… orz

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  • Pung
    8 11月, 2011, 23:14

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    Thank you for sharing, I had chance to watch this program on Youtube , but could not understand what they talked about , now it is clear , they are very funny . I am not sure if all of them have a new hair style or not , but it is sure for  Nino and Aiba… I like Nino this time very much , he is very cute and looks younger….^_^. As for dancing in Meikyu Love Song,, it is very sugoi ne…., I love all their postures  in this song…esp. the same as yours, when they slid on the floor .  ( Is it begging for love posture ?) Anyway,  it was so pity that we could not watch full of” My girl” performance, this song is my favorite one….^-^

    Thank you so much again . Arashi makes me very happy ,and so do you.^^

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah, they’re so funny and they look so good tonight.
    Aiba and Nino cut their hair short, and it’s kinda new feeling. their dance and gesture in song is always so cute and so kakkoii, it makes us feel very high when listening to them singing
    thank you for ur compliment 🙂

  • s3mp0i
    14 11月, 2011, 0:16

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    thank u for sharing..
    have u seen their performance in music station? this time both nino n ohno put their hands on sho’s sloping shoulder..and sho looked like he was trying hard not to laugh..haha..
    love their ‘propose’ and the one where their circle together and put their hand in d centre..=)
    arashi really makes my day..and i really like ur proverb where it says “an arashi GIF a day, keeps a doctor away”..=)

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah, wow, ur observation is good!
    yeah, in MStation, Nino put his hands on sho’s shoulder too, maybe he has “gang up” with Ohno *LOL*
    i also like the part where they circle and put their hands in the centre, it is also one of the major pose in this meikyu love song.
    when they sing, they really enjoy the song, so it makes the listener feel very happy~
    i like to see them in drama, in variety etc, but still i think they are the best in singing~

  • s3mp0i
    14 11月, 2011, 17:24

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    yup..i like to see them sing too..because that’s when 5 of them together..=)

  • 21 5月, 2012, 22:44

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    hahaha…. Nino is always funny, love him so much

  • 27 1月, 2018, 3:59

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    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further post thank you once

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