Tokujo Kabachi (特上カバチ)

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Although i keep saying that i love Nino’s acting the best, but from Kisarazu Cat’s Eye to Quiz Show to Tokujo Kabachi, i must say Sho acts very very well too! He can be as naive as Bambi, as sharp as Kamiyama, and now as passionate as Tamura!

Tokujo Kabachi is a story centers around the employees of a legal document firm. Tamura Katsuhiro, played by Sho, is a 24years old young man with a very strong sense of justice, working as an assistant administravie scrivener, at the same time studying hard to pass the exam to become a real administrative scrivener. He is helpful, oops, i should say tooo helpful in helping the weak. He believes law isn’t always right, but he wants to use his knowledge on the law to protect the weak ones, and he believes law would not forgive those baddies for what they’ve done.

Sumiyoshi Misuzu, played by Horikita Maki is a capable scrivener. Tamura and Sumiyoshi are at odds when they first represent different client on a money dispute. Sumiyoshi then joined Tamura’s company and they started to work together. Although they seem to have clash most of the time, but as time passed by they began to understand each other and helping each other out to solve every client’s problem.

I don’t feel tempting when i watched the 1st episode, too many law words which i don’t understand at all… But as the story goes on, it’s getting more and more interesting. I fall in love with this Tamura!! 😳 How good it would be if such a guy really exists on this world! *LOL* He’s helpful, passionate, optimistic, and sincere. He always gets agitated when solving problem, just because he really wants to help them, he laughs and cries together with his clients, i really love this character! When Tamura made a mistake and he had to resign, i found my tears rolling down.. It’s so sad, i forgot it’s only a drama! :p

Aww… this shot is toooo good looking :p

Episode 1-2

Tamura represent a client who borrowed money from his high school friend. The friend agreed to let him pay one year later but situation changed and he had to “force” this client to return back his money within the end of month. Although they do not have any paper written contract other than verbal promise, Tamura feels that he should not break his promise. These two people are very good friends for many years but the relationship turn sour because of money. Tamura’s client needs the money to save his business while the friend needs him to pay it for emergency usage. Both cares for their friendship but still they need money.. Sumiyoshi represent the friend, and it’s the first time Tamura and Sumiyoshi meet each other. Tamura lent out his money in the end.. Can you believe there’s such a guy in this world? :p

Episode 3

A contract worker was expelled without any reason and notice, he lost his income and his apartment was locked, he and his small daughter has nowhere to stay, Tamura happened to know them and helped him to solve the problem.

Episode 4

A lady, whose name has been used by her husband in dark as guarantor seek for Tamura’s help when all her banking account were freezed due to her husband’s loan. Her husband immitate her signature to deal with all the paper procedures. Tamura and Sumiyoshi helped her to find evidence on her husband dirty trick.

Episode 5

Tamura’s boss, Ohno sensei has a 18years old daughter. She was in love with her classmate but Ohno sensei opposed to it, especially after learning that the guy was in heavy debt. The guy’s father was a gambler and he teamed up with those loansharks, using his son’s name to borrow money. In the end the son was forced to pay up a huge amount of debt. The contract between the father and the loansharks was deal although the son did not sign it because by law, if you’re underage, your parents can represent you in any contract. To solve this problem, Tamura suggest that the guy and Ohno sensei’s daughter get married.. ^^; Once married he’s consider and adult and the contract is no more effective. Ohno sensei was very angry but nothing could be done as they’ve proceed with the ROM…

Episode 6

One of my favourite episode!! Tamura’s friend, a businessman opening a restaurant was involved in a food poisoning accident. The victims claimed for a huge amount of compensation. At first Tamura thought this’s ridiculous but when he learnt that the victim suffered a huge loss after food poisoning he decided to help him to get the compensation from his friend. His friend has no money to pay back.. Tamura was in a dilemma of what to do.. He’s struggling between helping a friend or a client..

Episode 7

Since Episode 6, every episode is getting more and more exciting. Tamura’s senpai turned up to him for help to deal with the real estate agent. His senpai was late in paying the rental for just one day but the key was changed and in order to get a new key, he was demanded to pay a huge amount of compensation fee. This is totally a black estate.

Episode 8

The climax of this drama starts in this episode. A young OL turned up at Ohno Legal Firm looking for Sumiyoshi but she’s not in, so Tamura offered to help. It’s a sexual harassment from his ex-boyfriend who is also her colleague. The ex-boyfriend has been telling off their intimate story to male colleagues openly in the office. Tamura offered to handle this and they sign agreement with the company’s lawyer. The lawyer said that he will ask the male colleague to stop and if she agrees, she can sign in not to make a fuss over it anymore. The lawyer is Tamura’s college friend and he assured that nothing could go wrong but after signing the agreement, nothing is being done and it’s getting more and more serious. Tamura was cheated by his friend in making such a foolish agreement. Sumiyoshi helped him to overcome all the problems after that but Tamura chose to resign because he has created a lot of trouble not only to the OL but also almost ruin the image of his company.. This episode is very sad…

Episode 9

Tamura resigned from Ohno legal firm. The scene where Sumiyoshi was talking to him when he was packing his things was so sad….. I just can’t hold my tears when watching… (-_-;; Hmm… too absorbed with this drama.. how come a good guy like him who is so helpful need to resign? It’s just too sad…

After resigning, Tamura worked in a restaurant. By one chance an old lady who is cheated into investment seeked his help. He was trying to handle this alone but the people use dirty hands and had him locked up in the police station. His former colleagues visited him and asked him to just apologize but he did not want to give in for what hasn’t done. The scene at the lockup is another heart-breaking one.. Sumiyoshi know’s Tamura’s character and decided to help him out. And after that they deal together with the illegal investment company.

Episode 10

Tamura returned back to the company to apologize for his sudden resignation. He wanted Ohno sensei to give him another chance.

And the last case was from a guy who tried to clear off his debt through a lawyer. He paid to the lawyer entrusting him to clear off his debt but the lawyer did nothing. Tamura tried to check it out and found that the lawyer’s backbone is his father… a prestigious and well known lawyera. Tamura was not in good relationship with his father who dumped him and his mother, his father has been fighting case for those bad people. It’s the battle between a father and a son…

Tamura and Sumiyoshi was offered to be a lawyer, but Tamura turned it down. He said although he knows lawyer is more powerful and can help more people but not everyone is willing to seek help from lawyer. Many thinks that lawyer is only working for money and it’s hard to consult them. He prefers working in this way where others find it easier to speak to him and he can actually try to help them more. Sumiyoshi accepted the offer but turned it down to stay with Tamura. She doesn’t admit her love to Tamura though :p but i love the way Tamura told her that he likes her. So straight forward and cute! The drama ends with Sho’s kiss scene!! Kya~~~

I didnt expect much from this drama but i was totally addicted to it!
And once again i fall in love with Tamura!!
Although it’s a drama talking about laws, they’re actually presenting it in a very humorous way, especially Tamura x Sumiyoshi and also Tamura with his colleagues. His colleagues like to “bully” him, always hit him on the head but they care so much for him actually. It’s a small company with only 5 employess including the boss. Normally one will not choose to work in such a small company but what’s more important if you’re happy with the environment, with your work and the most important thing, surrounded by real good colleagues?
Catch it if you havent watch it, you’ll like it for sure!
I still cant forget Bambi, but i think Tamura shall be my BEST sho’s character!!

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