Otonoha Vol.91 2011/10/20

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Sorry for the late translation, busy over with HNA Mannequin Sp on the 20th! *LOL*
Starting today, i will put up random pictures on Sho for each Otonoha’s translation.
Well, no special reason for that, just feel like putting up his photos *LOL*

Alright, scroll down for translation~

Otonoha Vol.91 2011/10/20

I love to see him eating!!

Title: Start


It’s me.
Kageyama. Oops, he didnt say “Sakurai” this time *LOL*

Everyday is a filming day for me.

Meat!! I want meat!!

I feel like having meat so much, so i decided to go for “yakiniku”.

I contacted my primary school friend and made the reservation.

The day for “yakiniku” has come.

It was the on air day for “Nazotoki wa dinner no atode”.

I was working with Arashi .

Ninomiya-san said.

Nino: “Hurry up!! Nazodi is starting!”

I looked at my watch. It’s past 8.

The other members were rushing into the car, hurrying up to go back and be in time for Nazodi.
(Urm, that’s what i feel. I am not sure whether they have any other job after that)

I was so happy.

But at the same time i feel so bad because I’m going to have “yakiniku” on that day.
(I watched it yesterday…)
(Some more if i missed my “yakiniku” today, i dunno when can i go the next time.. )
I was trying to find excuse for myself, and in the end i still go for my “yakiniku”.

Wow, it has been a long time since i’m facing the meat! HAHAHAHA, what a funny expression from sho

When i was just about to leave, my handphone rang.
I looked at it and saw an incoming mail from Aiba-san.

>I’ve watched your drama.
I tried to solve the mystery but totally dun understand.
Sasuga Kageyama-san.



The happiness that he watched and mailed me specially has flown away just like that.

The next day, i tried to ask Aiba-san.

It’s not that he has watched but couldn’t understand the ending.
It’s that he was trying to solve the mystery together while watching but couldn’t solve it.

So, please don’t worry.

Nihongo muzukashi desune..
(Japanese is so difficult)
Urm, let me explain here. Aiba used the word “wakaranakatta” which has both meanings, one is “don’t understand”, the other is “don’t know”, Sho misunderstood that Aiba do not understand the drama.

Anyway, finally the first episode is on air.

Till december, yoroshiku douzo m(___)m


This year, we’ll be the host for White Team in Kouhaku.

It’s very happy and honour to host it for the 2nd time continuously.

The last day of 2011.
Once again, Yoroshiku douzo.

Sakurai Sho (Kageyama)

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