HNA Mannequin Five Autumn 2011’s Result

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So, the result was out tonight, how was your guess? 😀
Did you guess them correctly? Or did your vote came out to be No1? 😀

Just had a flashback on my report last month (HNA Mannequin Five Voting Poll Report), my guess and the actual result was as follow.

Except getting Sho & Aiba wrongly, i got the others all correct!! Although I guessed Sho wrongly but i’m very happy with his coordination, these 2 were the one i’ve been spending time thinking which to vote! I gave my vote to No.5 which turns out to be Aiba’s outfit coz i fall i love with it at first sight, but still I like Sho’s outfit too and I’m glad it’s HIS coordination *LOL*

The pictures in this post doesn’t belong to me, i thank those who allow me to use them.
I have no time to capture now ^^;

No1 : Sho

Congratulations!!! He looks sooo happy because this’s the first time he chose according to his own taste *LOL* I think he likes knit jacket.
At first he was trying to be fun, choosing those “extraordinary” clothes.

Tshirt with "false" necktie, it's actually a shoe lace, but Sho looks good in it!

Hey, Sho... fooling around ?? *LOL*

Sho said he wants to compete with his own taste this time, and when asked whether he has any confidence to win, he said it’s not a matter of winning or losing, it’s a matter of whether he wants to do it or not *LOL*

Here’s Sho in his original coordination ~

And ALL judges guessed him to be No.1 !! This is definitely a HISTORICAL MOMENT *LOL*
He was so happy!!
And he also turn out to be No.1 in the voting result! Congratulations~~!

No.2 Nino

Ohhh i thought it’s Aiba, i prefer Aiba’s more than Nino’s :p
This guy was trying to play cheat again (using the whole mannequin clothes or the one in poster) but he ends up choosing his own later on :p

Here’s an unaired episode which i heard from those fans who went for the recording. Nino bumped into Aiba when he was actually trying to coordinate totally the same as the one on the shop’s poster. He got a “scolding” from Aiba, who asked him to play fair and serious, so he ends up choosing his own. But Nino should be happy for being No2 for his own coordination 🙂 He was “hopping” towards Sho *LOL*

Nino in Mannequin Five Special (2011 Autumn)

No.3 Aiba

Well i love this guy’s coordination the most. Aiba was trying something new, someway that fans could not recognize him. He said “Autumn = Reading”, so he was trying to wear like those “intelligent” style, yeah, he looks like those college students in London? *LOL* I love the color combination~ Too bad he’s No.3..
When he showed off his clothes, Jun said “Aiba’s No.1 for sure this time…” , this’s the first time Jun said in this way, the moment he saw Aiba he is sure that Aiba’s going to win. Me too… but he ends up as No.3 ^^;

No.4 Ohno

Ohno in Mannequin Five SP (2011 Autumn)

Leader’s going for “the most expensive item” this time, he said the most expensive one means the best quality, so it’ll definitely be No.1 *LOL* As usual, he was quick in his shopping, he spent his time in cafe eating curry rice!! *LOL*
He was kinda shocked when 3/4 of the guest guessed that he’s going to be the last one :p

One of the comments by a 14 year old voter was, “It looks cheap.. you can get all in 5000yen” And Ohno was shouting like “Hey, it’s altogether 38man (380,000 YEN!!)” *LOL*

No.5 Jun

Oops… it’s Jun again… poor Jun….
But the theme this time is “AUTUMN”, he wears more like summer? ^^;
My impression when i first saw the outfit at the voting poll was… hmm… no way…. but after looking for it for a long time i found that it looks quite nice, especially the muffler. But it needs a lot of courage to wear wholebody pink like that.. 😕 I can only say, only Jun looks nice in it :p
Sho said Jun looks like a celebrity at airport *LOL*

So, Jun ends up taking photo for their trailer trunk for HNA promotions *LOL*

Jun promoting Himitsu no Arashi Chan *LOL*

There are altogether 261,131 votes this time, and votes from 86 countries !!! SUGOI !!

A total of 261,131 votes , and also from 86 foreign countries!

Sho got the most vote from voters from China, England.
Leader got the most vote from voters from France!!!
As for other statistics, i will update later ^^;

Lastly, the right face on the right mannequins 😀

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9 Comments on “HNA Mannequin Five Autumn 2011’s Result”

  • Pung
    1 11月, 2011, 22:55

    Thanks for sharing, I haven’t watched this episode yet , I will watch it soon..^^

    rei125 Reply:

    oops…. i hope u’re not dissapointed for reading this before watching ^^;
    u definitely gotta watch it, it’s so funny *LOL*
    did you vote? many voters from foreign countries 🙂

  • Pung
    2 11月, 2011, 14:34

    It will be great that I read your summary here first , before watching as my Japanese is quite poor…. I^-^…

    I didn’t vote for this time , as it was difficult to decide , I didn’t want to hurt the rest of them , as I could pick only 1 ( good excuse? ) ^_^. Anyway, after they are wearing their outfit, I think Aiba is the best one ….^^

    Keep on posting … I always like your post , including in facebook ..^^

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks! u’re my first and only one commentator :p
    i wrote this very fast, once it’s aired.. coz i was too excited *LOL*
    so i might miss out many funny episodes ^^;
    oh, ur taste is same as mine!! aiba is tall and he definitely looks good in any outfit ne!
    i will try to post more when i have the time~
    thanks for your compliment~

  • Pung
    3 11月, 2011, 14:43

    This is my pleasure, I enjoy reading your blog a lot. I am sure I miss a lot of funny episodes of many their programs too. I also like shiyagare one, but my problem is I can understand only the episode with English sub title , that’s why I have to wait until they got the sub title. ( I am going to improve my Japanse now ). If you don’t mind and have time, can you summarize shiyagare, ( maybe the latest episode, I heard that it is funny …. ^-^ ) Besides, I like VS arashi a lot, this one I can watch without sub title, I can guess their words with their actions anyway.

    Of course, Aiba looks goods with every outfits, but I prefer he wears jean with T-shirt in . I quite don’t like when he wears pants with 4 parts ^#^

    looking forward to any updates here..Thank you so much ^^ ganbatte ne ..^^

  • Pung
    9 11月, 2011, 22:04

    Hello, I have watched this program via youku and tudou already but not finish yet. I have the problem that I cannot watch it at last 10 minutes ( during the result came out ) … It is always stuck at this point of time. if you can kindly give me another link for watching this , please let me know  –if not , it is fine, I will try it again  ^^

    thank you for your kind help, 

    rei125 Reply:

    I dunno which link you watched, so i just put the link for search result for this mannequin in tudou.
    Maybe you can try other videos from this link?
    Sorry, i dunno which one is ok and which one is not, basically, i almost cant watch all videos in tudou… many videos are not viewable for japan area.. and it’s always lagging and slow and my pc stuck there when i tune in tudou…. orz

    hope you can find the good video…

  • Pung
    11 11月, 2011, 10:40

    Thank you very much , I will try it ….^^

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