Mail from Sho-chan 2011.10.18 ♪

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Incoming mail from Sho-chan today!!
Scroll down for translation~

Mail from Sho 2011.10.18

It’s me.
Sakurai, and also Kageyama.

Starting today 9pm,
“Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”


Starting next week, i will start a short term series (column).
Because of this series, i’ve took a lot of photos.

It has been 1.5 month since i start filming.
And I have been taking photos since then, and it’s accumulating..


I began to get confuse, not sure of which photos are taken on which date..
(↑ The careless mistake)

But i will try my best to recover my memory and provide the most accurate information.
Yoroshiku douzo.
(↑ Hope is ZERO though…)

Till then.
Tonight 9pm!

I will be happy if i can see you in front of tv.

Sakurai Sho

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