Making of Gantz Perfect Answer

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I only have one word to describe after watching the making of Gantz Perfect Answer, ie “SUGOI !!”
I always love to watch those behind-the-scene or making of every drama/movie, there’s so much story and unrevealed truth behind each masterpiece.
This making DVD was included in Gantz Perfect Answer DVD released on 2011.10.14.

Nino talking about Gantz, listening seriously to the director and checking monitor.

If you ever watched Gantz PA, you will know that there’s one big scene inside a train, where Kurono (Nino) and his members fought against those Kurofuku group people. I was so naive to think that this was filmed inside a real train!! They actually set up this train inside a big factory and the fake train was 50m long! Look at the 3rd picture on top, the train looks so real!!

A real battle was just about to begin. The left picture shows Nino and the rest of the cast standing by while waiting for director’s instruction, and the right picture is the shot they were taking, serious Nino.

Nino talking to the other cast while waiting

Nino giving out his opinion on one scene

Nino looking at the ceiling of the train

Train’s ceiling, spilled with fake blood..

Nino was saying, it is going to be a tough work to clean the whole place.. Things were scatted once every scene was taken and they had to change the whole set of train.. tough work.

It was a long hour shooting, some more at night and the little girl as extra fall asleep. Yoshitaka was looking at her, so cute~
Nino was also very tired, camera captured him looking very tired, and either is Nino trying to take a short nap or he almost dozed off while waiting..
Poor Nino, taihen dane..

Another tough scene was Nino carrying Yoshitaka on his back and run for a very long distance.
This shot was taken in studio, and Nino has been running and running for many times with the real Yoshitaka on his back. He was very exhausted after that ^^;

Nino has been carrying Yoshitaka on his back for many scenes in this drama :p
Another scene was taken outside, showing Nino almost ran down by a car, luckily this time it’s not real Yoshitaka on his back but a puppet 😀

Nino called for a stop when shooting halfway

He said he couldn't catch the timing as the car was too fast

Explosion in Gantz Perfect Answer

Besides the fighting scene inside the train, the battle on the shopping street is also one of the major scene in this movie.This part was taken in Kobe, and the shops were all settings!! They build up the street to make it looks like a real shopping street in Japan, wow, movie making is real interesting!
Explosion was seen here and there in this scene. For those scene with people+explosion, they have it taken separately before joining them through CG.

Nino said he was hiding behind one car faraway but he could hear the explosion and feel that the road is shaking!

Nino and Matsuyama Kenichi had a fight after this explosion, under this chaos situation.

One of the most touching part is when Kojima Tae (played by Yoshitaka Yuriko) ran towards Kurono (Nino) when he is in danger, and because of this she was killed.. Nino and Yoshitaka really act well! Nino said Kurono is so pitiful, it’s so sad.

Nino rehersalling while listening to director

Serious looking Nino building up his emotion

The two pictures below are the actual scene in the movie.

Another climax was the last scene between Kurono (Nino) and Katou (Matsuyama Kenichi).
I must say actors are real professional, they can just get into the mood once the action is called.

Nino and Matsuyama having discussion with director before the shot

Nino mumbling to himself, rehersalling on his own

The scene between Nino and Matsuyama starts! ACTION!

I don’t really understand the story of Gantz.. especially the ending….
But i love Nino in this movie!!!!
I think it’s his most “kakkoii” character in his movie/drama so far, especially in that tight outfit, he just looks soooo good!

Here are some off-shots, taken during their rest time in this Making DVD.

Nino and Yoshitaka talking and joking happily

Nino receiving interview, he said he’s very cold~~~

Other cast was playing cards while waiting, but the point is why is there a Nino’s uchiwa there?? *LOL*

Crank up for other cast

Nino's crank up

Nino was saying he was surprised to see so many people crying on his crank up:)
He said he is not sure whether he can do it or not in the beginning and he knows other might think the same too, but he has been trying hard this period. Although he sometimes cant see the goal, but he knows he must keep on “ganbaru” and he thanks all the staffs for their cooperation.

Nino's talk on Gantz Perfect Answer

Team Gantz! Can you spot Nino? He's the one with red cap :p

A success of a movie is not only the credit of the actors and directors but also all the staffs behind it.
Yeah, we know this, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the hardship of these people, their name are not there, they’re unknowned by others, they receive no awards etc, i guess it must be their enthusiasm towards movie which gives them the motivation.

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